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Joe Nichols - Size Matters ( Someday ) (Chord)
Album: III (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (113) on 3/19/06
Month Views: 18 | Total Views: 16,034
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Joe Nichols
Album: III
2005, Universal South
Submitted by: Christopher R.
11:44 PM 3/19/2006

NOTE: The original tab was close, but there are some 
different chords in the song. The intro starts on Gm 
(Em as shown with 3rd fret capo'd)

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: (Em)  (A)  (Em)  (A)  (D)  (D/F#)  (G)  (stop) 

(D) Someday she wants a (D/F#) big ol' house (G) sittin' on a big ol' (A) hill,
And a (D) mile long tree lined (D/F#) driveway for her (G) big ol' Coupe De(A)Ville.
Yeah, (D) someday she wants a (D/F#) big ol' bank ac(G)count with too much to sp(A)end,
But (Em) right now all she wants is a (A) man.

  With a big ol' (D) heart, who can (D/F#) love her like no(G)body can. (A)
  Big ol' (D) kisses that go (D/F#) on and on and (G) never end. (A)
  With a big ol' (Em) smile, he'll (D/F#) fill her world with (G) laughter (NC)
  Size (Em) matters (A) size (Em) matters (A) (stop)

Someday, she wants a big ol' ring with a big ol' rock that shines,
And a big ol' walk-in closet with shoes of every kind.
Yeah, someday she wants a big ol' boat where she can lay around gettin' a tan,
But right now all she wants is a man.


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