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Joe Nichols - The Impossible (Chord)
Album: Man With A Memory (2002)
Submitter: axehappy (53) on 4/13/02 10 comments
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Joe Nichols - The Impossible

By axehappy - axehappy at

Thanks to ImMrMidnight for the MP3 and lyrics!
I've put a lot of chords into this, but you can probably get away
without playing a lot of them... (sounds nicer if you do though!)
The intro and ending (also after 1st chorus), just alternates between
A and A(add9), so experiment to get it to get the timing right.

A           =   x02220                     A(add9)     =   x02200

D           =   xx0232                     A/Ab        =   4x2220

F#m         =   244222                     E           =   022100

F#m(add9)   =   244224                     Bm          =   x24432

A/Db        =   x42220                     F#m7        =   242252

F+          =   xx3221



A             A(add9)           D                              A
My dad chased monsters from the dark and checked underneath my bed,
             A/Ab             F#m        D    E       A
And he could lift me with one arm way up over top his head.
         A(add9)      D                              A
He could loosen rusty bolts with a quick turn of his wrench,
          A/Ab               F#m      D     E    D
He pulled splinters from his hand and never even flinched.
                F#m            F#m(add9)
In 13 years I'd never seen him cry, 
        Bm               A/Db    D        E  
But the day that grandpa died, I realized.


Unsinkable ships sink,
Unbreakable walls break,
              F#m                    F#m7
Sometimes the things you think would never happen
D                E
Happen just like that.
Unbendable steel bends,
       E                F+   D
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable.
     Bm               A/Db     D
I've learned to never underestimate
E      A 
 The impossible.


A          A(add9)       D                           A
Then there was my junior year, Billy had a brand new car.
       A/Ab              F#m              D         E        A 
It was late the road was wet, I guess the curve was just too sharp.
          A(add9)       D                                    A
I walked away without a scratch, they brought the helicopter in,
      A/Ab              F#m                  D     E     D
Billy couldn't feel his legs, they said he'd never walk again.
                                F#m           F#m(add9)
But Billy said he would and his mom and daddy prayed,
        Bm          A/Db           D          E
And the day we graduated, he stood up to say:


A   A(add9)  F#m  D  E

So don't tell me that its over,
           F#m           F#m(add9)
Don't give up on you and me.
               Bm               A/Db
'Cause there's no such thing as hopeless,
   D            E
If you believe...


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I may be a lot more of an amateur than I thought, but these chords look
like I need eight fingers. Any hints as to how I can pretzelize my
fingers to play these?
-grunt0875 | 12/3/2002
Great detailed tab Axe!!

grunt0875 and anyone having trouble with all the unique chords,
you can make it easier just playing the normal chord in the
alternate bass note chords (the chords with a slash in them).
For instance instead of playing A/Db just play A.
-Shantel | 1/6/2003
learn to play bar chords... i imagine there in the lessons section
-taylor310ce | 1/23/2003
I also need the intro to this song if possible.
-rayman | 6/23/2003
You guys are making this guitar playing thing too darn hard. This
song is very simply played with a capo. Put the capo on 2 and play
the song in G. A=G; D=C; F#m=Em, etc.
-joey_carter777 | 7/3/2003
I just want to encourage those of you who have the guts to admit that this song is a bit to difficult in its current state. Stay with it and you will have it soon. To Taylor310ce, you might cut them some slack. We were beginners at one time and i imagine that not all the guitarists in the world are Gods with the axe, like you obviously are. Rock on guys!
-jeremykimball | 7/23/2003
This song tells my life story
-austinax | 3/7/2004
Really? I wonder why they didn't give you credit for writing it??
-CowboyBri | 6/20/2004
im new at this and i was just wondering how to tell the strumm pattern
-leeb0609 | 8/24/2005
This song is amazing and beautiful and honestly it isnt that hard to play lol
-cwlly506 | 12/16/2009
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