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John Anderson - Hillbilly Hollywood (Chord)
Album: Seminole Wind (1992)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (502) on 7/7/09
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 5,619
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Hillbilly Hollywood
Written by Vince Melamed & Jim Photoglo
Recorded by John Anderson
Album: Seminole Wind (1992)

Intro.:  | (C)  | (C)  | (C)  | (Bb) (C) |

(C)I can still remember my first guitar
(C)Bright and shiny like a (Bb)brand new (C)car
I (C)even took it with me when I went to school
And (Bb)practiced every (A)day till I (Bb)got (A)real (C)good

I (C)learned every lick on the radio
From (C)Wabash Cannon to go (Bb) Johnny (C)go
I (C)majored in rhythm with a minor in blues
Then I (Bb)hit the road (A) with my (Bb)blue (A)suede (C)shoes

And I (F)dreamed of seeing my (G)name in (C)lights
(F)Grand Ole Opry on a (G)Saturday (C)night
(F)Standing (Am/E)where my 2/4(D)heroes 4/4(G)stood
(Am)Hill-(G)billy 2/4(F)Holly-4/4(C)wood |

Inst.:   | (C)  | (C)  | (Bb) (C) --

I (C)played some bars where you never wanna go
From (C)Oklahoma City down to (Bb)Tupe-(C)lo
My (C)ears would be ringing like an old fire bell
When I'd (Bb)lay me (A)down in some (Bb)cheap (A)ho-(C)tel

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  | (C)  | (C)  | (Bb) (C) |
        | (C)  | (C)  | (Bb) (C) | 2/4(Bb) | 4/4(C)  | (C) --

And I (Bb)pray before too (G)long, (Bb)they will hear my (G)song

Repeat Chorus

(Am)Hill-(G)billy 2/4(F)Holly-4/4(C)wood
(Am)Hill-(G)billy (F)Hol-(F)ly-(C)wood |

Outro.:  | (C)  | (C) (G) | (Bb) (C) ---
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