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John Conlee - Cars (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2542) on 1/12/18
Month Views: 623 | Total Views: 2,112
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Recorded by John Conlee
Album: Harmony (1986)

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(D)(C#m)|(Bm)(A)|(G)(A)|(D) - - -

She was (D)sittin' on a car (C#m) lot (Bm)looking like a (A)dream
(G)Underneath a (A)string of lights (D)
A (D)49 mod-(C#m)el and (Bm)I was sixteen (A)
But I (G)knew it was love (A) at first sight (D)

And the (Bm)man said, son, I'll (A)make you a deal
And I (G)knew I had to (D)make her mine (A)
I (D)held my breath (C#m) and slid be-(Bm)hind the wheel (A)
(G)It was my ver-(A)y first time (D)

(D)Cars, (A) just (G)motors and wheels (D)
(G)Rubber and glass (A) and steel (D)
Still, (G)I think back (D) (A)over the years (Bm)
And (G)it sounds strange, (D) I suppose (A)
But it's (G)cars I re-(A)member most (D)

She was (D)parked on the street (C#m) by the First (Bm) Baptist Church (A)
As we (G)ran down the steps (A) hand in hand (D)
My (D)brand new Chev-(C#m)y waiting (Bm)there at the curve (A)
And we (G)waved to the crowd (A) and got in (D)

Well, the (Bm)miles went by and (A)so did the years
And I (G)thought that we were (D)doing alright (A)
Till she (D)packed up the kids (C#m) and (Bm)picked up the keys (A)
And (G)just drove away (A) one night (D) - - -

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(D)(C#m)|(Bm)(A)|(G)(A)|(D) - - -

Well, the (D)years have gone by (C#m) and a (Bm)lot of thing changed (A)
I (G)hardly see the kids (A) any more (D)
(D)Took a new job (C#m) and moved (Bm) to LA (A)
And (G)bought me a two-(A)-seater Porsche (D)

There's (Bm)lots of pretty girls out here (A) and you know
(G)I could be doing (D) alright (A)
But (D)mostly at night (C#m) I just (Bm)drive up the cost (A)
And (G)look at the cit-(A)-y lights (D)

Repeat Chorus x 3 to fade 
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