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John Moreland - Cleveland County Blues (Chord)
Submitter: jcairns13 (3) on 8/27/19
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Cleveland County Blues

Capo 5

I didn’t put the hammers off of the G chord but play around with hammers on the 3rd and 1st fret.  You should be able to hear it. 

My baby is a tornado
            C          C/G hammer  1st fret 2nd string
In the endless Oklahoma sky
Spinning devastation
             C          C/G hammer  1st fret 2nd string 
And singing me a lullaby
 Em                          C
And you're wrecking all the rooftops
      C              G
When April turns to May
      Em             Am
It wouldn't make a difference
       Am      Am/C     C
If I could or couldn't stay
I fall back into love
        Em             C
And look up and then you're gone
      C            C               G
But I still feel you storming in my bones

|G    G    G    G|

When I touch the hands of time
C                                    G
They won't mind what and where I've been
Woke up in Cleveland County
              C                 G
And you're picking up my pulse again
              Em                     C
And we'll be tearing through your sheets
Or through the streets of this old town
  Em               Am
Looking for the answers
     Am          Am/C      C
To these doubts we drag around
And babe I never learned
                Em                  C
You'll say the word and then I'll break
                    C               G
But I'll still feel your old familiar ache

          Em             C
So we're covered up in fiction
Chasing something true
       Em              Am
But darling damn the luck
        Am         Am/C    C
And damn the consequences too
I could bury all the memories
         Em               C
I could patch up all the holes
                           C           G walk down on 2nd string – 3rd fret – 1st fret - open
But I'd still feel your fingers on my soul

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