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John Prine - My Darling Home Town (Chord)
Album: Fair And Square (2005)
Submitter: MichaelAEccles (0) on 10/6/05 2 comments
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My Darlin' Hometown
John Prine/Rodger Cook


(F)        (Gm)        (C)     (F)
(F)        (Gm)        (C)     (F)

 F                Gm
Far away over the sea
          C                      F
There's a river that's calling to me
That river she runs all around
    C                    F
The place that I call my hometown
 F                                 Gm
There's a valley on the side of the hill
    C                 F
And flowers on an old windowsill
A familiar old picture it seems
         C                      F
And I'll go there tonight in my dreams

Where it's green in the summer
And gold in the fall
Her eyes are as blue
As the sky I recall

Far away over the sea
There's a place at the table for me
Where laughter and music abound
Just waiting there in my hometown

The river she freezes
When there's snow on the ground
And the children can slide
To the far side of town


(F)        (Gm)        (C)     (F)
(F)        (Gm)        (C)     (F)

Far away far away me
Hung up on a sweet memory
I'm lost and I wish I were found
In the arms of my darlin' hometown

With the evening sun sittin'
On the top of the hill
And the mockingbird answering
The old chapel bell

Far away over the sea
My heart is longing to be
And I wish I could lay myself down
In the arms of my darlin' hometown


(F)        (Gm)        (C)     (F)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
In the tab I put on here, for the bridge:
I put G7, and you have G. For mine, I meant
to put C7, but it says D7, because it was a
typo, and I forgot to proofread it, because
I was in a rush just to get the thing typed
up. For those 2 chords, G7 and C7, usually
it's personal preference whether you use a
G or G7, and then a C or C7. Ask lmofle, he
told me its usually personal preference when
it's the No. 2 chord and the No.5 chord in
a song, whether you use a major chord or
a dominant 7th. I just have G7 and C7, you
have G and C. The Gm is different, but for
the G and C, it's what you prefer.
-macg1 | 10/6/2005
I just changed it.
-macg1 | 10/6/2005
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