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John Prine - Other Side Of Town (Chord)
Album: Fair And Square (2005)
Submitter: rickr55 (33) on 4/20/13
Month Views: 6,851 | Total Views: 43,354
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Other Side of Town 
John Prine


(D)   (A7)
(D)   (G)     (A7)    (D)

(D)Why must you always seem to criticize (A7)me
Seems like everything I do just turns out (D)wrong
Why don't you come on out and (G)despise me
So I could (A7)pack my bag and baby I'd be (D)gone

(D)Remember when you used to call me (A7)honey
Well, I'd turn around and call you honey, (D)too
You might think it's a joke, but it ain't (G)funny
To (A7)hurt someone who's so in love with (D)you


(D)A clown puts his make-up on (A7)upside down
So he wears a smile even when he (D)wears a frown
You might think I'm here when you (G)put me down
But (A7)actually I'm on the other (D)side of town

(D)My body's in this room with you just (A7)catching hell
But my soul is drinking beer down the (D)road a spell
You might think I'm listening to you (G)grocery list
But I'm (A7)leaning on a jukebox and I'm about half...(D)way there

Repeat Chorus


(D)   (A7)
(D)   (G)     (A7)    (D)

(D)I'm sitting on a chair just behind (A7)my ear
Playing dominoes and drinking some (D)ice cold beer
When you get done talking I'll come back (G)downstairs
And (A7)assume the body of the person you presume (D)who cares

Repeat Chorus

I'm (A7)across the river on the other (D)side of town
(A7)In my mind I'm going to the dog racing (D)side of town.


(G)   (D)     (A7)    (D)

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