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John Schneider - At the Sound of the Tone (Chord)
Submitter: jca4jc (0) on 10/6/01 2 comments
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Tabbed by:  Jason Wendtland
Correction Made by Larry Mofle

Key of G

Intro:  G C G C G

             G                           C                  G
I called her up to say I'm sorry, I just can't have lunch today
          G         G/F#            Em     D         C
Cause the boss just called and he's flying in from L.A.
And as the phone rang, I remembered the time
    C                     G
How simple things used to be
         G                 G/F#      Em           D          C
Then her voice came on the line, not her, but the answer machine

           C                            D               Em            D  C
She said, "I'm sorry, I can't take your call, cause I'm packing up to go away
    G               C           Am                  D
And John, if that's you're just cancellin' lunch anyway
       Em               C         G                  C
Ah you used to find the time, but now you don't even try
          G                        C       D          G D  C
So at the sound of the tone you're on your own...goodbye.

I ran down to the street and I caught a cab, God I had to get back home
But the house was empty, except for the code-a-phone
And as the tears came, I remembered the time, how happy we used to be
And I'll never forget the last words she ever said to me

             Em               C         G                  C
She said you used to find the time, but now you don't even try
So at the sound of the tone, you're on your own.......goodbye
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The chords are great. Sounds good. One minor correction in the lyrics. It should be "coiled up phone." Other than that, perfect. Great song that I forgot about for a lot of years. Good job.
-tpmadden | 10/23/2009
"Code-a-phone" is correct. In the early to mid 80's it was a rival of early answering machines, making it perfect in this song.
-joelrwood74 | 7/7/2023
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