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Josh Grider Band - Crazy Like You 2 (Chord)
Album: Million Miles To Go (2007)
Submitter: nathan sebesta (1) on 6/27/08 2 comments
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Crazy Like You
Josh Grider

tabbed by: nathansebesta at


Intro:  A E D

Verse :

      A                E                   D                  A
well people sing songs all the time about fallin in love and losin their minds
D            E                      A
but it aint love that drives folks mad
                   E                         D                  A
its livin this life day in day out tryin to figure out what its all about
         D                    E                     A
all the whos the whens the wheres the whys and the maybes

           D                E                                 F#m                       A
but i sing everybodys crazy so what ya need to do you need to find somebody crazy like you
D                     E                      F#m                       A
someone that you can fuss and fight with and when you make up you can love all night with
D                        E                   A-E-B           D                      E
someone who shares your particular point of view oh they're bound to be crazy just make sure thyr'e

crazy like you

Verse 2:

i looked high looked low looked far looked why 'for i looked in the mirror and i realized

i spent my time lookin for the wrong thing

a perfect and sane would be so mundane a man like me im subject to change

and im lookin for someone who's tracks will fit my train


Verse 3:

so i found me a girl and shes five foot four and i never found a girl that i adore more

we are intune and out of touch in all the same things

and shes as wild and mean as the deep blue sea and pure and sweet as honey from a bee

and i love her to death cause that girls crazy just like me

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
thinkng the f#m is really a bm...
-michaelZ | 7/7/2008
this song is played in C with a capo on 1
-st08x | 2/11/2009
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