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Kathy Mattea - Here's Hopin' (Chord)
Album: Willow in the Wind (1990)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 9/23/01
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 1,950
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Here's Hopin'
Kathy Mattea

Capo 1
Record is in A#


    A                          E          A
1. By the way you watch the sunset I can tell
              D                            A
Soon you'll saddle up that ole strawberry roan
A                       E             A
Bid goodbye to the goodnight loving trail
    B7                                    E
And set off to blaze a new trail of your own
   D                                   A
I know you'll travel light, like you always do
     F#m                  Bm              E
But you'll always take a part of me with you

         A                 D                A
Here's Hopin', there's an open road before you
        F#m               D              E
Here's Hopin', that your aim is always true
      D                      A                F#m
And when you're trying to outrun that setting sun
Dm        A           E       A
Here's hopin' ....  that you do

   A                      E               A
2. I know you'll try to hold to higher ground
          D                     A
And stay one day ahead of the storm
A                                   E                 A
But when a northern blows and the rain keeps pouring down
B7                                          E
May you find a place to keep you safe and warm
  D                            A
They say every cowboy finds a home somewhere
     F#m                Bm               E
But friend until your travels take you there

go to chorus then tag

         D                  A              F#m
If the trail looks bad you need to double back
Dm        A        E       A
Here's hopin'.... that you do 
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