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Keith Stegall - Roll The Dice (Chord)
Submitter: Cowboy Juju (1) on 1/20/04
Month Views: 5 | Total Views: 2,200
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Roll The Dice
Written by Keith Stegall & Carson Chamberlain (1996)
Performed by Keith Stegall

CAPO 1st
* = stop

Intro : E E A E x 2
E                        A        E
Well Iíve never been the gambliní kind
E                      A            E
I never woulda laid my heart on the line
E                          A              E
But you tempt me baby when I look in your eyes
E                                A        E
To throw caution to the wind and roll the dice

Chorus :
Oh, seven come eleven Iíll be in heaven
E                        A
If I could win your love tonight
E                              B*B*
Iím gonna bet my heart on you
And roll the dice

E E A E x 2 

     E                 A     E
Oh I met a lotta women in my time
         E                     A          E
But none like you baby, youíre a one of a kind
E                             A       E
So Iím gonna take a chance of a lifetime
E                                 A        E
And put my heart on the table and roll the dice


Bridge :
I canít stop the feeliní of a wild desire
       A                    E
Itís a burniní me up like a raginí fire
Whatever it takes Iíll sacrifice
A                          B7
For you baby Iíll roll the dice

Oh yeah yeah

Solo E E A E x 4

Chorus x 2 (don't stop on B 1st chorus)
Gonna roll the dice
Whoa gimme them bones
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