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Keith Urban - But For the Grace of God (Chord)
Album: Keith Urban (1999)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/17/01 20 comments
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Intro (each | one measure of 4/4 |
Dm | Dm | C | C | Dm | F | C | C |

Verse 1
C                                Dm
I can hear the neighbors, the're arguing again
the're hasn't been peace on our street since
who knows when
C                                 Dm
I don't mean to listen in but the shouting is so loud
F                      C
I turn up the radio to drown it out

Dm             Em7   F              G
and silently I say a little prayer

but for the grace of God go I
I must of been born a lucky guy
            Dm                  F
heaven only knows how I've been blessed
with the gift of your love
I look around and all I see
is your happiness embracing me
oh lord I'd be lost
F                    C
but for the grace of God

Verse 2
I can see that old man
he's walking past our door
I've been told that he's rich
but he seems so poor
'cause no one comes to call on him
and his phone it never rings
he wonders through his empty home
surrounded by his things

Dm             Em7   F                    G
and silently I say a little prayer (yes I do)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Intro

I look around and all I see
is your happiness embracing me
oh lord I'd be lost
F                    C
but for the grace of God

oh lord I'd be lost
F                    C
but for the grace of God

Repeat Intro (ad lib lyrics) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this is good but there actually a capo on the III
-telks83 | 9/21/2003
i don't know about the capo
-CowboyBri | 1/31/2004
I think there's no capo. Key seems right as written.
-dad21stcentury | 2/22/2004
yall are full of s**t
-popeyesgncntry | 8/19/2004
this is right on the money...there is No capo on this...great job Korry!!!
-palamin0 | 8/25/2004
it is capoed on the 3ed was there at the concert last night but it is a kick tad any ways keep it up
-crazed4easha | 10/9/2004
Good to see Yanks tabbin Australian stuff!
I don't use a capo on this with my Strat.
We play this and the singer is happy with this key.
Can someone have a go at the little licks in it?
-WayneXG95 | 10/13/2004
wheww..this is a good stuff..keep it goin pal
-brz2679 | 12/23/2004
Good job there is definately no capo. It's a no brainer its so obvious.

-Derek_Cave99 | 12/26/2004
Actually, Keith does play this with Capo III he just plays different chords. This is the right key. I think he does that so he can play the intro easier or it might just sound better to him...??????? who knows.
-KU_isbestever | 12/31/2004
not adding a thing. wouldn't know what to add if i did so. Just playing for 16m and teaching myself. Trying to stick with the acoustic, but ouch. my electric is better/easier. new student ... what does capo mean??? Have seen K.U. 4 times in past yr. Don't have a clue about what he is doing, just know he kicks butt. any help would be appreciated. have the sheet music to this song, but in piano, so i've sort of converted it the best i know how. thanks sharken
-sharken | 2/12/2005
keith is definetly the god of this tune awsummmm guitarin yo Gar nh
-garfield42 | 2/14/2005
keith is definetly the god of this tune awsummmm guitarin yo Gar nh
-garfield42 | 2/14/2005
excellent job on this tab. i love this song. sharken: go to the music shop and ask for a guitar capo, it changes the key of whatever you're playing to a higher key based on which fret you place it. it's a must for a learning guitarist. p.s., no capo on this song. Keith Urban is the man!
-jonnychimpo81 | 2/16/2005
jonnychimpo81 thanks for the feed back. I have figured out how to play this song, but just the notes in simple form. i do know some chords, but find it very difficult to do both. I guess it takes time. my teacher is very young 18yr. (girl) and plays well. just got a scholarship to berklee school of music. the music shop I use has been helpful also. I just know they get tired of me asking questions. So if u don't care ...I may be sending you lots of questions? I need all the help I can get. I have every K.U. cd that he has ever put out. He is the one that actually inspired me to take up this hobby. Now I am going to learn it even if it kills me. I do get a lot of arm and elbow pain. Guess I don't hold the guitar correct, but when i watch others... no one holds it the same. so I just have to find what works for me. again thanks... I'll go buy that guitar capo. I guess that is the thing that I always see at the second or third fret. It makes sense. sharon b. (sharken)
-sharken | 2/20/2005
ok iwent and bought a capo and i have the sheet music to but for the grace of God. and i looked at a tape of Keith Urban playing it and he did have a capo at the 3rd fret. this was on the grand ole opry. just a heads up
-sharken | 3/1/2005
Well Guys'
I hope this post dont get me flamed to bad but anyways, the chords in this song are right, but the chord changes are not in the correct places. If you go to and look this song up you get the first page and with it you can see that the chords are right but dont quiet match up with the lyrics. As for the Capo being on the 3rd fret? Well the sheet music don't say anything about one BUT if you go to and watch some Keith Urban live sessions you will find that he DOES use a Capo on fret 3? Go figure!

Anyways my 2 cents
-atekjunkie | 6/4/2005
OK, granted these are old comments, but if you go capo 3, you use a Bm shape for the Dmin and the A shape for the C. You can play it in open or capo 3, but in capo 3 you use different chord shapes. The tones are the same though. The song is in D minor/F major.
-1moreguitarist | 9/19/2005
Stop arguing on s**tty things. The song is definitely in Dm. Put your capo anywhere, but keep the Dm !
-mbuthey | 1/5/2006
He plays barre chords on all of this on his DVD, except the part where you pick it.
-kfut | 1/23/2006
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