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Keith Urban - Everybody (Chord)
Album: Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (2006)
Submitter: hicktown333444 (0) on 11/14/06 4 comments
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Intro:  D5 A D5 A G G

(D5) So here you (A) are now, (D) nowhere to (A) turn
It's just the  (G) same old yesterday
(D5) You made a (A) promise to yourself (D5) (A)
(D5) That you were (A) never gonna (G) be this way
And the (D5) only (A) thing that you've (D5) ever (A) know is to (G) run
So you (D5) keep on (A) drivin (D5) faster (A) into the (G) sun

But every(Em)body needs some (G) body some(D5)times (A) (D5) (A)
Yeah, every(Em)body needs some(G)body some(D5)times (A) (D5) (A) (G)

(D5) You don't have to (A) find your (D5) own way (A) out 
You've got a (G) voice let it be heard
(D5) Just when it (A) feels you're on a (D5) dead-end (A) road
There's always (G) somewhere left to turn
So dont (D5) give up (A) now you're so (D5) close to a (A) brand new (G) day
Yes you are
And if you (D5) just can (A) bare to (D5) be (A) alone then I'll (G) stay

'Cause every(Em)body needs some(G)body some(D5)times (A) (D5) (A)
Yeah, every(Em)body needs some(G)body some(D5)times (A) (D5) (A) (G)

Well (C) maybe I've been (G) too caught up
To (D5) see what (A) you've been (D5) going (A) through
(C) All that i can (G) say is I'm here (Em) now (A) Ooooo (G) (A) (G)

And everybody needs somebody sometimes
You know they do
Everybody needs somebody sometimes
Everybody needs somebody sometimes (Just a little bit of help to save me)
Everybody needs somebody some.........times  Oh  Hooo  Ya he
Gotta have someone beside you
Gotta have someone beside you
Yes you do, yes you do... everybody... eh ya hey
Everbody needs somebody sometimes 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Sounds good i like it with just plain D though
-DrydenBuote | 5/15/2008
It's not astraight A..
Try This...Play it on the upstroke
-electricrodeo | 11/6/2009
Ok the progression is D to a Dsus2Db

-electricrodeo | 11/6/2009
Even this old drummer can hear that there's definitely no A chord in the verse--look at the 'intro' tab posted for this song. These chords are correct.
Can someone PLEASE post a more correct version? I figured the song out by ear before I ever discovered countrytabs.
It's very frustrating to continue searching for chord versions of songs, only to discover over and over how many so-called guitarists there are out there, posting butchered tabs!!!
Listen, people--LISTEN!!
-loomann38 | 8/30/2010
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