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Keith Urban - Once In A Lifetime Love (Chord)
Album: Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (2006)
Submitter: gsg_60 (0) on 9/20/08 1 comment
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Once in a lifetime – Keith Urban
G  C (x2) 

Verse 1 
I can (G) see it in your eyes and feel it in your touch 
I (C) know that your scared that you've never been this (G) loved  (C)
It's a (G) long shot baby yeah I know its true 
But if (C) anyone can make it I'm bettin' on me and (G) you  (C)

Just (Em) keep.   On (C) movin' into (Em) me 
I (C) know you're gonna (Em) see.    The (G) best is yet to (C) come      

Don't (G) fear it now, we're going (C) all the way 
The (G) sun is shining on a (F) brand new day 
Its a (Em) long way down and it's a (C) leap of faith 
But I'm never giving (F) up 
Cuz I know we've got a (C) once in a lifetime (G) love 
Verse 2 
(G) Everybody's lookin for what we've found 
Some (C) wait there whole life and it never comes (G) around (C)

So (Em) don't hold (C) back now.   Just let (Em) go 
Of (C) all you've ever (Em) known.   You can (G) put your hand in (C) mine       


I (G) close my eyes and I see you standin right (C)there 
(G) Sayin I do and they’re throwin the rice in our (C) hair 
Well the (G) first ones born and a brother comes along  
And he’s (C) got your smile 
I've been (G) lookin back on the life we had 
And im still (C) by your side 


G   C (repeat until end)
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does anyone know the the ending solo?
-guitarfreak130 | 9/7/2009
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