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Keith Urban - One Chord Song (Chord)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: geetar81 (3) on 10/11/02 44 comments
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 52,426
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This song is a hidden track off of Keith Urban's new cd. 
(After track 12) Its no joke, there's only one chord. 
So here you go. :)

This is my one chord song
Its easy to sing along
'cuz there ain't much in the way of change
But sometimes life can be that way

Yeah there ain't too much that I can do with the melody
'cuz I'm stuck within the confines of this single key
of "G"

But this is my one chord song
I can't go on too long
'cuz I've said all I've got to say
And you probably won't hear this anyway

Yeah, now here's the same thing that you heard 8 bars before
And if you're just like me I'm sure that you are bored
With this chord

If I can make you stop and think
About the life you're living in
'cuz you and I we don't have long
So make the most before its gone

'Cuz this is my one chord song

Now I can make it sound like there's another chord
But you'd be fooled because there is only one

This is my one chord song
This is my one chord song
This is my one chord song
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Amazing's the most spot
on chord tab I've ever seen!
-axehappy | 10/11/2002
wow good job...
-CountryRebel | 12/27/2002
wow good job...
-CountryRebel | 12/27/2002
Love the song. Perfect tab.
-yinielin | 1/14/2003
Very nice job on this one. And that chord
progression, man you're awesome! No really,
thanks for the words......
-cmtboy | 2/17/2003
I Love this song!! My question is this though:
I have the CD But how to I access the "One Chord Song"
that you say is at the end??? Please let me know
I'm dying to hear it, e-mail me!!
-rebelcarver | 8/29/2003
I'm with Rebelcarver, where is that song?!
I heard Keith play it in concert once and
was wondering if he would ever record it.
Please email me and let
me know!
-rupert | 10/22/2003
hey, firstly I'd just like to say amazing tab work there mate ;)

In reply to peeps asking how to get at it, the song is on Golden
Road, and if you listen to "You're Not My God" it's roughly 6 iniutes
and 19 seconds from the start of the "You're Not My God Song"
Thanks for the chord and words mate!

Luv n stuff, Nikki
-JDs_SuperRoadie | 11/22/2003
can someone do this in the key of E for me?
-WayneXG95 | 12/20/2003
you can find this song 6:19 into "You're Not My God" (last track) definitely one of my faves!
-EDriveEveryMile | 3/10/2004
that must've been so hard to tab
-Beauwilliams | 3/28/2004
I've checked & it's just not on my cd, maybe the
aussie version of Golden Road is different. The last song
finishes at 4 mins 20.
Kinda sucky that his fellow aussies miss
out if that's the case :(
-rupert | 5/19/2004
Perfect! :0)
-heyitskane | 6/13/2004
How I found this song is I was listening to Golden Road while I cleaned up my room and It got to your not my god and I just never switched cds and then about 2 minutes after that song was over this song started to play. If you want to find it fast just go to the last track and then fast forward unitl you get to 6:19 or when you hear it start playing.
-cbanks | 7/16/2004
Hey all, On my copy of golden road this song is just another track and I have had this cd for over a year. I guess maybe there are different versions of the cd
-joshdraper | 7/26/2004
holy s**t how did you do that i wish i was that good at a tab my god that is the s**t man your a pimp lol jk nice job and party hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-nathan765 | 8/2/2004
Hey AWESOME JOB!!! wow that must have mean
a real job to do that!!
anyways..hey has anyone else heard the part
on the golden road album at the beginning
of "Song For Dad" where there is like a
whole violin intro to it? You can't just go to the song, you have to listen to the
song before it and let it play through.
It's pretty cool, but just not something
I would expect on a Keith Urban album, you know?? It's like an orchestra type thing.
Hey I agree about that whole one chord
song thing. Why wouldnt they have put it on
the aussie version??

-rascalflatts99 | 8/16/2004
Listen you pair..why do we bother to have a message board? :-)
It is "NOT" on the Australian version of Golden Road. My copy switches off right after that track..Bugger. :-(
-WayneXG95 | 12/18/2004
why is this top rated Song??? Its one damn chord the whole time? Thats talent there to tab this out
-Redneck07 | 12/23/2004
this is the hardest tab ive ever seen ;)
-hanson_fan123 | 1/13/2005
haha yeah i love that song, it would be nice to get the strum pattern, but if you listen to the song you can sort of get the jist of it, its around 6 minutes and 20 seconds after the the begining of not my god. so yeah.
-poopsie_rules2 | 2/3/2005
Hello, I'm hoping that someone might have the strum pattern for this song. My son would like to learn how to play this for his school talent show...we are huge Keith Urban fans. My email address is

Thank you so much!
-teschler | 2/22/2005
Anyone know where I can find this on the net? I'd like to hear it, but I can't find my Golden Road CD :( Darn. I know its here somewhere, Ihad it like 2 days ago. If I could hear the song, I could figure out the strum pattern/
-TSSpheren | 2/28/2005
You can find this song on LimeWire. Just type in "one chord song" and it'll bring up this song and a bunch more by keith urban.
-bmatwie | 3/25/2005
this is the best song ever. the end.
-thirsty | 4/13/2005
AMZING JOB!hahaha, I cant wait to spring this at my guitar teacher... does this song play every time after Your Not mY God, because someyimes it doesnt for me. Neways, cheers!
-brandtfan | 4/21/2005
this is the greatest song ever...but unfortunately, one of the hardest to play; thanks for all the long hours of sweat trying to figure out the tabs
-country_boy_479 | 4/27/2005
definitely the hardest song
-sweethomealabam | 5/9/2005
could you make a sound bite, i'm....not getting

-Pinktele | 6/1/2005
Hey Guys, Just New To CountryTabs..... I Have Gone To The Liberty Of Uploading This Song As An MP3 to My Brothers Webpage.... go to and you should get it.... if you like, take a look at my brother, Shayne Parle's Website...
-parlevoo | 6/13/2005
is there anyone who can help me out with a strum pattern for this song? it is one of my favorites. i am a begginer currently taking lessons. thanks for any help.
-karlos1 | 6/19/2005
Is there any possible way someone could send me a mp3 format of this song? I here it is an awesome song but honestly never heard it. thanks a bunch,
-Toby1925 | 6/24/2005
i saw someone mention it awhile ago, u might not need it anymore, but to do the song in E just capo it on the 3rd fret

-Amazingspdy2 | 8/6/2005
a strum pattern would be really handy i have been listening to the song and i just cant get it
-future_star | 8/12/2005
one of the most easist songs besides my spelling one chord ........
-txkidcrisp | 8/29/2005
i love it but its kinda hard to play. ill work on it.
-Amazinggrace12 | 9/18/2005
someone said to go to, but that didn't work. Anyone else have the song?
-Darrrik | 9/25/2005
this song sounds awesome for only 1 chord-
-countryrock13 | 9/28/2005
at first i thought this was a joke but i guess nott great fret work though i guess tnks.
-neowolf | 11/6/2005
jst wondring would anyone happen to know the struming pattern to this song i cant get it down?
-neowolf | 11/6/2005
Does anyone know the strum pattern..I love the song..but can't make it sound as good as Keith, even when there is only one chord!!
-BanjoMonkey | 1/3/2006
you know there are hammer-ons and pull-offs in the strumming. he also plays the G chord open and in other positions on the neck. download the episode of david letterman that he was on from morpheous or one of those file transfer sites. he performed it in the green room.
-Randy Polansky | 1/20/2006
We are all forgetting the versatility of the chords on the guitar. One chord doesn't really mean "One CHord" You can have G2 or G5 or GSus4. You might even have different positions on the neck that he is playing. You can even make the G maj chord into and Em very easily by putting your 2nd finger on the 4th string (Open D) on the second fret.
-jtannillo | 2/3/2006
This song must have been SO hard to tab out.....=)
-JohnGerrits | 12/30/2010
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