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Keith Urban - Somewhere In My Car (Chord)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (2541) on 7/25/14
Month Views: 1,216 | Total Views: 40,551
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Somewhere In My Car
Written by Keith Urban & J.T. Harding
Recorded by Keith Urban
Album: Fuse (2013)

(Capo on 3)

Intro.:  |(C)(G)|(Em)(D) Hmm, hmm, |(C)hmm (G)|(Em)(D)|

(C) I'm driving home tonight, (G) catching all red lights
(Em) That's alright 'cause I (D) don't want to be alone
(C) There's nobody waiting there, (G) cold and empty bed
(Em) Words I wished Id said (D) come on the radio

(C) Ooh, oh, oh, (Em) and I don't know why I do this (D)to myself
(C) Ooh, oh, oh, (Em) I know you're with someone (D)else ---

But in my (C)mind were somewhere in my (G)car
And it's raining (Em)hard on the streetlight (D)glow
You got your lips on (C)mine, it's gasoline on (G)fire
I never will for-(Em)get, you grabbed my shirt and (D)pulled it over my head
(C) And your fingertips slide up and down my back, (G)breathing hard, steaming up the glass
I'd (Em)give anything if I could bring it back, (D)oh, oh

Solo:  |(C)(G)|(Em)(D)|

(C) So, I've been sleeping 'til noon (G) in the same bedroom
(Em) Where I once held you (D) and it's breaking my (C)heart
I should take down all (G) those pictures from my wall
(Em) Promises we made (D) won't fill this empty (C)space

Ooh, oh, oh, (G) and I (Em)don't know why I just can't (D)let you go
(C)Ooh, oh, oh, (G) I (Em)know you're never coming back (D) ---

Repeat Chorus

Solo:  |(C)(G)|(Em)(D)|(C)(G)|(Em)(D) ---

Repeat Chorus

Outro.:  |(C)(G)|(Em)(D)| x repeat times to fade
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