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Keith Urban - These Are The Days (intro) (Intro)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: tayball89 (0) on 9/30/04 9 comments
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 6,544
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Artist: Keith Urban
Album: Be Here
Song: These are the Days (intro)

***Drop D Tuning***

    D                     G            D                     G
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sounds 100% to me, great tab!

-touc17 | 10/3/2004
nice job
-olgalu | 7/30/2005
awesome.... if only i was a faster picker, but from my speed sounds 100%, great job
-brandtfan | 8/2/2005
what is the 4h5 is that hammer on the 4th
string or the 5th can someone tale me
-DanielStaggs | 11/8/2005
4h5 mean to hammer the 5th, so ur playing the 4th and hammer on 5, good tab btw, to play it a bit easyier, slide 4to5 so 4/5
-Ksnipes | 11/13/2005
im watching keith play the intro live...and he does a slide on the e string 4 fret to the 5th, not a hammer on...:)
-acousticparamed | 12/22/2005
does anyone know the verse picking pattern or even just the chords??? i know theres already a tab on here, but he plays it alittle different in concert....does anyone know what they are??
-acousticparamed | 12/23/2005
listen, hate to say it, but your totally wrong, its the same as the verse picking pattern, ive watched him live, ive tabbed it right for everyone thats having trouble, and its standard tuning, not drop d. Only song keith plays in drop d is who wouldnt wanna be me, and thats on his telecaster
-telecaster2351 | 2/14/2006
Yes it is in dropped d tuning. I never would have thought it was figered it out with my ear and the help of the dvd. It uses the d chord anlong with some dsus riffs. use the open d for a bass note.
-locdog | 2/19/2006
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