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Keith Urban - This Is My One Chord Song (live) (Chord)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: waynusofuranus (0) on 8/1/05 6 comments
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Based on a live performance by Keith Urban
(lyric altered from the hidden-track version)

4 beats per chord
G5- = 3 beat bar    beats indicated thus '
G5* = 5 beat bar
G5. = staccato on Beat-3 then tacet

This is called 'This Is My One Chord Song' we go

G5  G5  G5  G5.
               This is my

G5          G5
One__ chord song it's easy to
G5       G5
Sing__ a-long 'cos
G5-         '           '      G5
There ain't much in the way of cha-ay-ange
G5                            G5
Sometimes life can be that way (now you're on the on-beat) oh there

G5*       '         '     '           '    G5
Ain't too much that I can do with the melo-dy__ 'cos I'm
G5*        '      '        '      '      G5       G5.
Stuck with-in the confines of the single key__ of G__ but this is my

G5          G5
One__ chord song can't go
G5       G5
On__ too long 'cos
G5-       '        '      G5
I've said all I've got to say-ay-ay
G5                          G5
See you when you come my way___ and now

G5*        '          '        '           '       G5
Here's the same thing that you heard eight bars be-fore__ and
G5*       '         '      '         '       G5                G5
If you're just like me I'm sure that you are bored__ with this chord__ if

G5                              G5
I can make you stop and think a-bout the life you're livin' in 'cos
G5                              G5
You and I we don't have long so make the most before it's go-__
G5.                       G5          G5  G5
__ow-oo-ow-one this is my one__ chord song  now

G5                                         G5
I could make it sound like there's another chord__ but
G5                                 G5.
You'd be fooled 'cos there is only one and this is my

G5          G5
One__ chord song this is my
G5          G5
One__ chord song this is my
(vocal cadenza)
G5                  G5
One__ chord__ song__


E|--3--|  - little finger
B|--3--|  - ring finger
A|--X--|  - middle finger mutes this string
E|--3--|  - middle finger

The strong 4/4 beat has a sixteenth note feel.
(Four strums for each beat)

  1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a         d = down strum
  d u d u d u ......                      u = up strum

This strumming action is maintained throughout.

The rhythm pattern is created in three ways:
1. accent  beat 2+
2. mute  beat 2 and 4
3. emphasise bass/treble strings alternately

Basic pattern:
  1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a
  /   / /     / /     / /     / /   - treble strum
  /       X X     / /     X X       - bass strum

The mute is NOT palm muting with the strumming hand.
The fretting fingers lift slightly and along with the
free index finger prevent the strings from ringing.

'Stop' pattern:
  1 e + a 2 e + a 3   +   4   +
  /   / /     / / /
  /       X X     /     

3-beat pattern:
  1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a
  /   / /     / /     / /
  /       X X     / /    

5-beat pattern:
These bars have an eighth note feel. The strumming action remains the
same but only the downstrokes hit the strings.
Emphasis begins on the bass then gradually adds more strings.

                                  >   >
  1   +   2   +   3   +   4   +   5   + a
  /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   / /
  d   d   d   d   d   d   d   d   d   d u

     + 2 + are omitted 1st time
     last 16th is optional

The chord played on the guitar is G5 (neither major nor minor) but the
overall harmony sounds like G major because Keith's melody adds the
major third (B).
In the CODA Keith is able to "make it sound like there's another chord"
by singing the fourth (C) which implies the IV chord. If the third was
played on the guitar at this point it would clash with the melody.

The odd extra or missing beats add further interest to the song.
Keith's quip of "now you're on the on-beat" is a reference to the crowd
who join in by clapping on the off-beat (2 and 4) but are thrown out by
the short bar of three beats and end up clapping 1 and 3.

G5  ' ' ' G5  ' ' '     G5-         '           '      G5  '  '   '
Sing__  a-long     'cos there ain't much in the way of cha-ay-ange
    2   4     2   4                 2                  1      3

Waynus Of Uranus
July 2005
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Sorry but gotta be a little critical. If people put as much effort and time into other songs, that were really useful and requested by players/singers, as what went into this pathetic song (KU's worst) then folks wouldn't be disappointed in the new songs added to the site every day.

Simply put -there are too many people needlessly submitting songs that have already been tabbed adequatley over and over. Its not just this tab site, but others and I just wonder if anyone else notices?
-nickelcreed | 8/1/2005
lol dont wanna sound like a dumb ass,...but man...all that stuff u wrote is confusing as hell...
-paramedic79ca | 8/2/2005
In amongst the tongue-in-cheek comments which make the existing
chart the third-highest rated tab on the site there are five
requests for the strumming pattern for this song.

The strumming and odd meter are a reasonable challenge for a
player of any level.

At least two-thirds of my submissions have been in response
to requests. Most of the rest are not available on any other
site, and many have never been published at all.

I hope to make a few people happy, that's all.

-waynusofuranus | 8/2/2005
I appreciate your work.
-matellmon | 8/2/2005
wow..... that took some dedication and studying... somehow.... you took an otherwise easy song ..and pointed out how hard it actually is... and broke it down nearly... a "damn" comment is needed. this is the first tab to make me reflect on my drum classes at school...where i had to remember things about beats and such... good job... i apreciate it.
-FenderFan521 | 8/3/2005
im not put down ur tab...i wish everyone would go into depth like u did..i just dont understand it lol:)
-paramedic79ca | 8/5/2005
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