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Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry (Intro)
Album: Be Here (2004)
Submitter: KU_isbestever (1) on 5/23/05 4 comments
Month Views: 11 | Total Views: 7,099
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Here is the parts for the piano on guitar... only on the intro part though.

D----0-------5-7-9-7--5-9--0-2-------2-----2---------- x2

(Strum G chord)                (Pick Cadd9 chord)

and the little off note right before he starts to repeat it is an A... 
so just hit the A string open.

And be creative and use hammer-ons, pulloffs, and slides to make it
sound better.
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cool havent tried it yet but good job buddy.
-Derek_Cave99 | 5/26/2005
great job on the tab .....but i think i hear a Cadd9 ....instead of the normal C......might just be me.... so everyone reading try what you think sounds better.... but you did a good job tabbing buddy ....keep up the good work.
-FenderFan521 | 5/27/2005
Yea i guess that does sound a lil better... I just put that C in there b/c the tab looked empty w/o it.
-KU_isbestever | 5/28/2005
It soulnds awesome! a few tweaks here and there, but its better than anything i could do, good job!
-olgalu | 7/26/2005
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