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Keith Urban - You (or Somebody Like You) (Chord)
Album: Days Go By (2005)
Submitter: palamin0 (46) on 9/17/04 18 comments
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Artist: Keith Urban
Title: You (or somebody like you)
CD: (2004) Be Here
chords by: palamin0 at

Keith Urban - You (or somebody like you)

     ****Capo 1st FRET****

C9 = x32333

Intro - D - Bm - G - C9

(verse 1)
Outside on my window, I swear on my momma's grave,
It faded out the street noise like a outta focas polaroid,
So we shot the moon and I cursed the wind,
 Making me think that you were here again,

(verse 2)
Smokin mirrors, somebody stole you away,
 That's the biggest conspiracy since J.F.K.
So I combed the corners and glass houses,
With the right directions but never found it,

G                          A             Asus4-A-G
Well I'd trade in all the rest of my days,
                      A              Asus4-A-G
Just the mere reflection of your face,
For one shiny moment,

    D    A/C#               G
With yo---ou, or somebody like you,
    D    A/C#               G
With yo---ou, or somebody just like you,

(verse 3)
Call the inspectors, the cops and the C.I.A
they drew chalk circles round the place that we use to lay,
Nobody testified, not a single witness,
Swor I was crucified with no forgiveness,

(verse 4)
And the Sheriff shined his light like I was drunk and dangerous,
My hands were already tied so he put away his handcuffs,
And in my blind spot I saw the sillouette
crazy legs smokin' a long black cigarette

I'd trade in all the reset of my days,
Your crooked smile and your wicked ways,
I'd fill up all this empty space,

    D    A/C#               G
With yo---ou, or somebody like you,
    D    A/C#               G
With yo---ou, or somebody just like you,
    D    A/C#              G
Oh  yo---ou,  or somebody like you

(lead - Cadd9 - Bm - Cadd9 - Bm - E - G)

(verse 5)
G                             A-Asus4-A
Now I should've learned my lesson,
G                A-Asus4-A
DOne what I was told,
G                          A
Shoulda counted all my blessings like
G            A
fingers and toes,
G                      A      Asus4-A
Now I'm driven like a blind man,
G                       A
Been searchin high and low,

    D    A/C#               G
For yo---ou, or somebody like you,
    D    A/C#               G
For yo---ou, or somebody just like you,
    D    A/C#              G
For  yo---ou,  or somebody like you
    D    A/C#               G
For yo---ou, or somebody just like you,

Outro - lead - D - A/C# - G

                            D - A/C# - G
For you, or somebody like you,
                            D - A/C# - G
For you, or somebody just like you,

Outro - D - A/C# - G

  I couldn't hear all the lyrics right so plaese
  forgive the mistakes..... 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This song aint on Be Here cause im listin to it right now
maybe u got the wrong title
-KU_isbestever | 9/20/2004
I think its on the austrailian version of "Be Here". It's an extra song. I think so anyways, if I'm wrong, somebody correct me.
-avsfan | 9/21/2004
It is on the Aussie Release only ;)
-palamin0 | 9/21/2004
Well then were can i get it??
-KU_isbestever | 9/22/2004
I mean without having to buy a copy of the Aussie version
(I wish I was a Aussie)
-KU_isbestever | 9/22/2004

Please contact me RE: above.
-graemetownsend | 11/21/2004
Now i can finally say great tab.
thanx graem and good job again palimin0.
I'm working on the lead.
-KU_isbestever | 12/6/2004
HEy KU....can't wait to hear it...I think this is one of the best songs on the cd...especially the lead probably the best lead / solo he's done....simple yet crying shows his passion
-palamin0 | 12/7/2004
the song is Gordie Sampsons song and it is on his new album sunburn..he gave it to Keith Urban and the lyric you got wrong goes..crazy lags smokin' a long black cigarette..
-averyj5 | 1/6/2005
palamin0 you rock!!!! ive been looking for this tab EVERYWHERE! thanks you!!!
-hanson_fan123 | 2/15/2005
as to where you can get it... i bought my aussie cd off ebay and i got the song from a friend
-hanson_fan123 | 2/15/2005
it confuses me O__o.. then again, i haven't been playing guitar that much...SCHWEE TO ME GUITAR, TORQ!!
kluck (of acoustics)
-kluck | 4/11/2005
this song rocks! i admit i suck at tabbing, so could someone try to tab the solo?? thanx :)
-guitargurl35 | 5/14/2005
Great great tab, thank you - been looking all over for it. I love this song, saw both Gordie and Keith play it live this week :)Would anyone be so kind to email me the strum pattern, bit stuck with it. Thanking you muchly!

-jujujuju | 5/21/2005
Excellent Job! What a great song this is, I feel sorry for those who haven't heard it because it's on the Aussie CD. But it does give them something to look forward to when they finally get to hear it. The lyrics are actually "crazy legs" and "trippin like a blind man" straight off the website. I love the D-A/C# switch it sounds great.

If someone can tab the solo and outro that would be great. The outro he plays on CMT's Road to be Here is different and much better in my opinion. Someone started to tab it here but then it disappeared. If you see this PLEASE PLEASE Tab it out for all of us die hard fans. Thanks I'll keep checking back.
-joepro | 6/17/2005
this is a really good song...... im surprised he didnt have it on both albums...... but .. i guess its a lil present for his fellow aussies.. but it took me forever to find this song online... but finally just now did!! great tab..right on!!
-FenderFan521 | 8/13/2005
The LIne where u have...**And your crazy let a smoke and long black super** is...your crazy legs smokin a long black cigarette..

-averyj5 | 12/14/2005
i was playing guitar with my cousin and he gave me the CD with this song on it and i instantly fell in love with it - thank you so much for the tab - you rock
-urbancowboy1990 | 2/6/2006
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