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Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me ( Correct ) (Intro)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: jdomary (11) on 2/19/04 70 comments
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 45,870
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You'll Think of Me

Keith Urban

Tabbed by: jdomary

Capo II

On the CD, the guitar doesn't play the bass notes that the bass guitar is playing.  
However, in case you are doing this song solo, I added them so you can achieve a 
"fuller" sound.  Hope this helps you out.

   G                  D                      Em                C         

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Accept no substitute. This is the ONLY correct version on the site. Thanks for tabbing it!
-urbanriffs | 2/19/2004
nicely done... good to see sum ppl know wut they're doin
-nikelendvoy | 3/1/2004
good job on this. best one yet.
-dodge085 | 3/3/2004
-pnut2 | 3/10/2004
right on ... this is perfect
-ChristinM | 3/22/2004
wicked job for a tough tab

-password1 | 4/5/2004
any chance someone can make a sound byte
-druallen84 | 4/8/2004
hey i've just started picking and i was wondering what 0h2 is, could
someone help me out? PS I love Keith, i really like playing Raining
On Sunday!!

-skittles26 | 4/9/2004
whats next? does keith just repeat that again?

-druallen84 | 4/14/2004
He repeats the intro above with a few variations here and there.
Just try to be creative because I am sure Keith plays it a little
differently every time.

-jdomary | 4/18/2004
Good job on the tab. It aint missin a note
-ZSLucas | 4/18/2004
This is good, whats it made out of?
-blackrainx69 | 4/19/2004
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!KEep up the great work
-palamin0 | 5/1/2004
i hate to say it but this tab sucks man, it
doesn't sound anything like the song

-guitarmatt07 | 5/2/2004
Man, Keith Urban obviously don't know how to play it either since he plays it this exact same way! Geez. Watch him play it live and then make that comment.
-urbanriffs | 5/2/2004
Well guitarmatt...if you don't use a capo on the 2nd fret it won't sound like the song. If you are using a capo on the 2nd fret then you need to learn to play the damn guitar.

-jdomary | 5/3/2004
I'd like to check out some of GuitarMatt's tabs.
Oh, well, he doesn't submit any.
Those that can, Do.
Those that can't, trash other's efforts.

Nice clean job Jo...
-eric_steinmetz | 5/4/2004
people like that proabably doesn't know what a capo is......

You did an excellent job on the tab..........
-palamin0 | 5/4/2004
Yeah, he did an awesome job on the tab. And it's much appreciated by this picker. Thanks John. I know there's others out there that appreciate it as well.
-urbanriffs | 5/5/2004
when you say you inserted the bass notes does that mean the low E string? So like a G chord, the bass note is the 6th string and like a D chord is the 4th string?
-jeremyray | 5/10/2004
Not necessarily the bass notes in each chord but the notes that bridge each chord change. For example:


This little lick after the G is played by the bass. If you need a more thorough explanation, PM me.

-jdomary | 5/10/2004
umm yea anyone that disagrees with this tab, download something called Tabit it plays back tabs for you, and even if you dont use a capo it sounds really good, so untill you do that dont talk s**t,good job on tab man.

-fallalot06 | 5/15/2004
you did i wicked job on this tab. All those people who are bashing it, are just down right stuiped
-touc17 | 5/22/2004
[quote]umm yea anyone that disagrees with this tab, download something called Tabit it plays back tabs for you, and even if you dont use a capo it sounds really good, so untill you do that dont talk s**t,good job on tab man.[/quote]

That site isn't working for me, any suggestions?

I'm not sure how to play the speed of the song, I don't actually have the CD itself, so I can't hear it. Anybody know where I can hear the intro at all?

And how does the rest of the song go in terms of the picking pattern?
-MuffinMcFluffin | 5/27/2004


(it's a .net NOT a .com)
-skij710 | 5/27/2004
awsome tab for a awsome song thanks alot
-HARDT0303 | 5/29/2004
Do you guys think that maybe before you pick
out the C, you play 3/4 on the E string and
omit the /5 on the D string but still play
the 2? Other than that this tab is beautiful
-tst02 | 6/2/2004
Ya know....You got the chords right,
but after seeing Keith play it live
and actually LISTENING to the recording,
this is like the kindergarten version
of the tune. Hopefully someone will
have the time to tab out what is
actually on the recording.
-wajlav | 6/11/2004
I went back and listened to the recording again and again
and again. Yes, there are a few extra notes that aren't
in my tab above, but they are extremely subtle. Anyone who
is a skilled guitar player, would have no trouble adding these
"extra" notes when they perform the song. This tells
me you are not a skilled guitar player. Of course, that
should have been evident by the fact that you were looking
at my tab and could not figure the song out by yourself.
I have both the album version of this song and the version
Keith did for the concert on CMT. Guess what, Keith plays
the intro differently in each version. I posted the basic
but accurate tab above so everyone could derive his or her
own interpretation of the intro. If this one is not
suitable, find another one on the internet. Oh yeah,
there probably isn't one. That's why you had to come to
this site.
-jdomary | 6/14/2004
Those "extra" notes are not subtle at all!
As a working classical guitarist,I have a
tendency towards perfection. I come to
this site to quickly look for accurate tabs
of country tunes to print off and sight-read
for the amusement of my wife and daughter.
I simply wanted to point out that your tab
is incomplete. So sorry I'm not in your
legion of adoring fans. You yourself said
something to the effect that you added bass
notes so that if the player was solo it
would beef it up a little.....but you
didn't bother to tab all those "subtle" and
"extra" notes that nullify the need for a
fuller sound. And by the way....he does play
those bass notes both on the recording and
live. But since I have offended you, I
suppose I should apologize and let you get
back to basking in the glory of all YOUR skill....
-wajlav | 6/16/2004
guys cut the crap already
-tps5 | 6/18/2004
Does anybody know the picking pattern for the verses and the bridge?
-MuffinMcFluffin | 6/19/2004
this tab sucks its no where nere correct when i tried to play it i noticed theres 5 wrong chords man you need to learn to tab the right way
-datbwack | 7/2/2004
hey dude try tuning your guitar it might help
-cwh4487 | 7/6/2004
and mister classical guitarist...why are you on a country tabs website...shouldn't you be looking at boring old music

-cwh4487 | 7/6/2004
Does anybody know the picking pattern for the verses and the bridge?
-MuffinMcFluffin | 7/7/2004
if anyone has the correct picking for the entire song please email it to me at! I need it so bad, I have been trying to learn this song and I just can't seem to get the hang of it with just the chords! Thanks!
-ImaCrocFreak | 7/11/2004
u a hole
-ulmbaseball | 7/17/2004
hey people, cud u please hav an intro for "But for the grace of god"
-tarzan7799 | 7/25/2004
this Sunday (Aug 22nd), Keith is playing this song live on CMT. Im going to record it and see whos doing the b***hing for nothing.

AND BTW, why must everyone be so durn evil. Someone posted a tab to try to help, if you find an error, politely suggesgest a change. ANd if it bothers you enough and you really love music, you would take a little time to retab it out and put a VERSION 2 on this site.
-DAJones16 | 8/22/2004
Did you record it?
-MuffinMcFluffin | 8/24/2004
Ive got the live mp3 off dayton and i think he might play a lil different live for
all you wonderin but with the cd this sound
REAL good :P
-KU_isbestever | 8/31/2004
This is an excellent tab omary. You know i don't pay you many compliments.
When are you going to sell me that collings?
-bigkipper | 9/9/2004
what does capo 2 mean

-dbzkinggt | 9/23/2004
Hey, thanks foe the great tab! I think ist right on, and so is guitarguys, there different but very very close, and I notice I play it slightly different all the time also. So thsnks!! bluerock47

-bluerock47 | 10/28/2004
Just my .02.....I'm at work & haven't tried the tab yet.

I just wanna say "THANKS!!!" for taking the time to TAB a great tune & helping some of us out.

For those that don't agree with the TAB, post your own version...Basically, put up or shut the F*CK up !!!
-PUCKBOY99 | 11/28/2004
The tab was perfect and dont change a thing. the hammer is optional and the capo is needed. unless of course you sing it differently.
-iceSWAT | 12/7/2004
Can anyone tab out that deep bass sounding legato lick that resonates just before he starts singing?? I have messed with it a little and sounds alot like the legato lick from the song simple man by lynyrd skynyrd but I just can't seem to find out how he gets that last really deep note that finishes the pass. Any help would be greatly appreciated, email me at
-jwright2k4 | 12/17/2004
-rsclfltts87 | 2/1/2005
Its a great tab very well written sounds really good!
- Tim
-frkngidiot13 | 2/4/2005
I've been using the picking pattern similar to the intro. It seems to work ok.
-kenchristner | 2/14/2005
yes rsclfltts87

-guitargurl35 | 2/20/2005
Hey omary...awesome tab! I just watched Keith and John Fogerty on "Crossroads" and he did this song, and yours sound identical. Great job!
-Stevey15 | 2/20/2005
hey DAJones16 and KU_isbestever, Do either of you guys have the live recording from CMT, i'd love to get ahold of it b/c i saw it live but don't have the song to listen to, if you guys could tell me where I could get it from that would be great. Hope to hear from someone about it soon.

Thanks for your time,
-tags24josh | 2/21/2005
please this tab is the best but make it longer.

-davguitar1234 | 3/5/2005
SPEAKING of that John Fogerty and Keith Urban Crossroads.....all I can say is WOW! They were terrific. And this song was by far the best. BUT, if someone watched this Crossroads with these two....can you please let me know....and secondly.....SOMEone PLEASE let me know if they can tab the accoustic version of "Rambunctious Boy" that they played together in the booth. They were ROCKIN!!! I totally want to learn that song. I watched this crossroads episode for the second time just today. It is amazing. Thanks again Axe for the great tab. You rock, bud.
-ericeast | 3/5/2005
The tabs here are tight, but I must say I was a little dissapointed in the Crossroads episode. Right up until this song played that was. WOW, did he tear this one up! Love to hear great musicians improve and go with the feeling of the song, just like he did. BTW, thanks to everyone out there for making us beginers sound better and better!!
-jclpn | 3/7/2005
People use your imagination and play somthing that sounds good picking out your own melody using these chords. Makes it alot more personal so your not just drilling off the exact way another person plays it and it makes it alot more fun to! then you can use the skills you learn to right your own music
-smallismalls | 4/15/2005
and please stop arguing
-smallismalls | 4/15/2005
I havent tried out the tab yet, but you know what? STOP BUGGING PEOPLE IF THIER MISSING A FEW NOTE HERE AND THERE!!!! At least they tok the time and effort to type out the tab so ppl like us can play it. All you classical guitarists out there.. just cause you may have "a tendency towards perfection", doesnt mean the rest of us dont, so SHUT UP and stop making lame excuses! This tab might not be perfect, but even Keith Himself doesnt play it the same everytime, so just be happy that some considerate person has decided to share what they know with you! JEEZ! and we wonder what the world is coming to, if ppl are fighting over a guitar tab! we dont play guitar to argue. If you dont like it, you can leave, or figure out your own tab and post it. Leave it us to figure out which is most accurate.
-brandtfan | 4/21/2005
hey mate can you get it right if u listen to it ur playing the lower notes in some cases where its sposed to be higher...anyways fantastic go at it but not perfect
-christianoronal | 6/11/2005
I will make one final comment about this tab. I posted it because someone requested it and I never anyone to help me with tabs so I know how frustrating it can be to try to figure them out on your own. In general, actually, 90 percent of the time, a fingerpicked riff will be played differently when it is performed live. In my opinion this is the most accurate tab posted on this site. Could I spend some time and make it note for note? Sure. My occupation as a professional guitarist involves learning new songs almost daily. The reason it sounds the same every time its played on the CD is because, in the studio, the engineer simply records one verse and copies the guitar part to each verse after that. I am not trying to sound like an ass, but a note for note tab would not benefit as many people as the tab I posted. This is an issue that I refuse to debate because I know how studios work. That being said, use the tab if you like. If you don't believe the tab is suitable, then play it your way, and just to be fair, I am willing to email a note for note tab to anyone that honestly needs it. In the meantime, keep country alive....

-jdomary | 6/12/2005
Great Job on this Tab!!! It helped a lot!!

-singergal | 7/15/2005
I would like the tab for You'll think of me.
-kenchristner | 7/17/2005
wow...this tab rocks....i am speechless
how in the world did you figure this one out? if you got any other ones as good as
this one, email me at jellyhead6968@yahoo. thanks.
-rascalflatts99 | 7/23/2005
hey, tabit... how does it know what time to play things... like longer notes and shorter ones...
-bwbucs23 | 10/11/2005
sick ass tab, nice

-KnoxGodoy3 | 10/14/2005
LOVE this song, thanks for tabbing it, I think it is probably the only correct version on the net... nice job.
-loky315 | 12/6/2005
well done m8. really bluddy good version of this quite triky tab. excellent version.
-jamesdacrazy | 1/3/2006
i got the notes down....but i was just wondering what the speed was.....slow, moderate fast?????
-howard26704 | 2/8/2006
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