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Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me (perfect Intro) (Tab)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: Guitarguy12388 (0) on 8/9/04 40 comments
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 24,982
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Ok, since we’ve been having so much dispute over this picking stuff, I have 
taken the time to listen to this song over and over to get every last note 
audible to the human ear onto this Intro tab. If you would please try out this 
tab, I would be grateful. If you would like me to tab out the rest of the song, 
stick a comment down there. I would be happy to help out.

I hope you like it!


I usually fingerpick this. It sounds AWESOME.


^^ now some of these notes are played very softly and quickly, so play around with them and you’ll get it.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I'm no expert thats for sure
but I can't see where some of these notes
even fit here.Keith is my favorite artist
and i'm very interested in every
note I can learn,but I honestly don't
see where this fits.I've been playing for 8
years only but I understand ok.Help would be appreciated

-Jerry5150 | 8/9/2004
here's my email:
Send me your email, and i'll show you how it goes.
-Guitarguy12388 | 8/9/2004
sounds very accurate to me when i play it with the cd version.
i havent heard the CMT one but this seems great to me.
if you could get me started on maybe how the verses are tabbed i would be very grateful. i'm too lazy to try. :) thanks.
-spiral | 8/10/2004
You need to start tabbing more stuff because it's right on. If you can e-mail verse or post rest of tab it would be great. Thanks
-Sneaker | 8/15/2004
hey.. i would appreciate it if you would
get me the full tab to this.. i am trying.. lol.. to learn and i REALLY could use all the help i can get. thnx. on my way out the door now to try this.

-elrik71 | 8/17/2004
wow that sounded cool! can someone e-mail me or im the real one? that would be great!

or AIM Uluckydog005

thanks tons!

-uluckydog005 | 8/19/2004
if you could email me the full tab that would be awesome, or AIM ut4ever8
-ut4ever8 | 8/23/2004
i would love you to tab out the rest of this song, this tab sounds perfect though! great job :)
-ImaCrocFreak | 8/25/2004
i love this song, great job. how about the rest of the song. Thanks.
-sablonde589 | 8/26/2004
Anyone know where I can get my hands on an mp3 of the CMT show?
-eafisher | 9/12/2004

-urbanriffs | 9/13/2004
would love the rest of this song in tab if anyone could email it to me, thanks a lot
-jrc2315 | 10/6/2004
This is the closest intro I've found.
Its very close, just listen to the song
and use the tab as a starting point.
And the capo at the 2nd fret is right
on the money!
Thanks for all your hard work!
-0697pat | 10/6/2004
Hey, i loved the tab to the intro, i'm a huge keith urban fan but a new guitar player, so this was great, plz email me the tab to the rest of the song. Thx sooo much.

-polo_chica | 10/11/2004
Great job guitarguy!! bluerock47

-bluerock47 | 10/28/2004
This song is awesome, if anyone has the rest of it tabbed out will you email it to me at, THANKS!
-Chimp83 | 11/1/2004
this is a very good tab. i got to say keith puts so much into this song live and its great. i've only been playing for about 3 months but this is the one song i had to learn. if u have the rest of the tabs that would be great b/c this is great! keep it up
-bassfisher871 | 11/15/2004
tabman, i think your wrong on this one. this is the EXACT key in the song. I have the album, and this is the exact key. AND how
could it be the wrong octave?
if it was the next octave lower, you couldnt play it on the guitar. And if you played it on the next octave higher, you wouldnt be able to play the song unless you used the 13th or 15th frets. I think, my friend,
that you either dont know what your talking
about, or you got your words messed up.
-Guitarguy12388 | 11/18/2004
-Guitarguy12388 | 11/18/2004
This tab is incredibly awesome, I spent about a week fine tuning my guitar skills, I've dinked around on guitar for about two years not really playing anything in particular but within the last two months or so I've taken it seriously... this is the hardest song that I have attempted -- the tab is great, e-mail me when ya get the rest of it tabbed! It's just wonderful to actually play something that actually sounds like something! I have a very limited amount of songs that I can actually play due to my finger dexterity and lack of musical talent. Keep up the good work! :) E-mail is
-Crashintome1019 | 11/25/2004
awesome job!! send the rest of the song to me i'd really appreciate it thanks!! send to
-TheTickTickBomb | 12/13/2004
definitly tab the rest its great
-Ilovetoby | 1/13/2005
Yah, It's all good fellow guitarguy, forget tabman...
-guitarguy11 | 1/17/2005
This intro is great, Capo on 2nd is right on, I would love the tab for the rest of the song
-emekct | 1/21/2005
Pretty good but go to and watch the studio video and find the rest of the intro
-Derek_Cave99 | 1/24/2005
ya i've been trying to figure out the rest of the intro of the in studio and live version but can't seem to get it right. can anybody help?
-StrangerInTown | 1/25/2005
Very very nicely done. No corrections needed at all. Indeed, you should tab more.
-Stach23 | 2/15/2005
Nice job man. I've only been playin for a year but i've picked it up pretty fast.
-tylergary | 2/22/2005
i think there is actually another open string played by him here:

-------0-0----0----------------- ---There

just wondering im not very good though
thx for the tab)
-smallismalls | 3/1/2005
Hey, great tab Perfect

-guitar8822 | 3/6/2005
heck, smallismalls, throw it in there. it sounds fine. it can only add to the fullness of the sound.
-Guitarguy12388 | 3/21/2005
I'm terribly sorry guys, i'v been side-tracked for months.
I havent had time to even touch my guitar let alone listen to keith that much due to school difficulties. I will get those tabs for the whole song out therer as soon as i can. I forgot all about it for a while. I hope you guys can forgive me for the wait. Thanks for hangin in there so long.

-Guitarguy12388 | 3/21/2005
I'll be waiting... thank you for what you've done so far!

If anybody has anything else on this song, nmy email is
-MuffinMcFluffin | 3/28/2005
Awesome tab dude. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ tab the whole song man, that would be awesome. see ya
-varnish2004 | 5/4/2005
Utter brilliance. GJ.
-DazzTheMan | 6/3/2005
hey great job on the intro....can someone plz tab the rest ofthe song cause i rlly want to me the tabs if youve got em
-nicholas34 | 6/8/2005
great job
-paulruff | 7/8/2005
its under "you'll think of me (a Full 1-guitar version) CHECK IT OUT!!!
-Guitarguy12388 | 7/8/2005
Will someone send me the full tabed out version of you'll think of me (live) with the extended ending "When you're lyin alone in the middle of the night..."
-stsuperman | 12/24/2005
just to be picky do you think you could link the tab to chords, like beginning is easy if ya keep your hands in a G, im not good at all and just started but i picked that up :P
-weaselinpants | 2/1/2006
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