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Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me Best Version Ever (Intro)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: hhstennis_playa (0) on 4/7/05 12 comments
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			     SONG NAME-You'll Think of me - Band Name-Keith Urban
Tabbed by: Jeremy Heninger 
Email: hhstennis_playa03 at

Tuning: Standard (capo on II fret)
I threw a sort of bass line in because the guitar part alone sounds a little awkward without it
so it's a combination of the acoustic guitar and the bass guitar from the intro.


 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
damn you're the man dude, this is good
-hhstennis_playa | 4/8/2005
not bad : )Jk!!!

-Derek_Cave99 | 4/11/2005
I love when people write a tab...then comment for themselves. That always cracks me up.
-mystikal1116 | 4/13/2005
And i;ve been real curious on most of your tabs how your getting a vibrato out of a open string...

-mooman2679 | 4/13/2005
It's not a vibrato, on my other tabs I noted that it is just a ringing note...I forgot to mention that hear, but think about it...anyone knows you cannot vibrato an open string without a whammy bar and I'm pretty sure Keith Urban doesn't use a whamy bar in this song...
-incubus_fan23 | 4/13/2005
I know you can't

But a vibrato is usually marked with a ~
-mooman2679 | 4/14/2005
I only made that comment b/c it was a joke and noe one else made any comments about it, but it is a pretty good version of the tab. check out my raining on sunday tab its pretty damn good!
-incubus_fan23 | 4/14/2005
not good
-`` | 5/18/2005
Sorry but this is totally screwed up...
-DazzTheMan | 6/3/2005
i don't mean to make u mad or nothin....but.....just read guitar guys tabs
-Voteforpedro | 6/25/2005
the sickest one yet!!
-cpova | 1/9/2006
Actually it is possible to play a vibrato on an open string without a whammy bar. You just simply wiggle the string between the neck and the tuners just like you would if you were to vibrato a note on say, the 4th fret for example.
-tpmadden | 4/28/2009
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