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Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me (Tab)
Album: Golden Road (2002)
Submitter: cujodakillah (0) on 5/9/05 12 comments
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You'll Think of Me
By: Keith Urban
Tabbed By: Chase Cornett

This song is played with a Capo on the 2nd fret. 
       All Chords are in relation to that Capo

^ = bend
h = hammer down
/ = slide
p = pull off
* = harmonic
~ = vibrato

    G                 D                Em
E |----------3------------------2---------------0----
B |------3----3------------3-----3-----------0---0---
G |-------0----0------------2-----2-----------0---0--
D |--------0-------------0---0-----------------2-----
A |---2-----------0h2--0------------0h2----2---------
E |-3------------------------------------0-----------
E |---------------------0-----------------------
B |---------------1-------1---------------------
G |-----------------0-------0------------0------
D |-----------2-------2-----------0h2--0--------
A |--------3------------------------------------
E |---2h3---------------------------------------

The verse is basically the same picking pattern as in the intro 
      but the chords start on an Em and its a little faster.

    Em                           C(switch at "4AM")
E |----------0--------------------------0-------------
B |-----0-----0-----0----0---0-------1---1--1--1---1--
G |------0-----0-----0----0-------0---0---0--0--0-----
D |---2---0-----------0----0-----2-----2------2--2----
A |--2--------------------------3---------------------
E |-0---------------------------------------------------   

   G(switch at "with the")    D(switch at "interstate")
E |----------3----------------2h3p2---3p2----2-----------
B |-------3---3--3--3---3----3-----3------3---3--3-------
G |--------0---0--0--0------2-------2------2---2---------
D |-----0---0------0--0----0-----------------------------
A |---2--------------------------------------------------
E |-3----------------------------------------------------

Same picking pattern different chords.

    Am(switch at "ever since")    Em(switch
                                         at "someone")
E |--------0--------------------0--------------
B |-----1---1--1---1---1-----0---0--0---0---0--
G |---2--2---2--2---2---------0---0--0---0-----
D |--2----2------2---2-----2---0------0---0----
A |-0---------------------2--------------------
E |----------------------0---------------------

         Ab(b=flat)(switch at "someone elses")
E |--------1---------------------1-------------
B |----1----1--1---1---1-----1----1--1---1---1-
G |-----2----2--2---2---------2----2--2---2----
D |--3---3-------3---3-----3---3-------3---3---
A |-3---------------------3--------------------
E |1---------------------1---------------------

Same chord series as the intro with the picking pattern
of the verse. I like to lead into the next verse with the
end of the intro on C (the 0h3 on D then G open)

The Second chorus has a different ending and leads 
into the lyrics "Someday I'm gonna run across your mind"
at the end of this chorus(listen to the song to find where im talking about) 
you go to a Ab on "me" with the same picking pattern as the verse then with the 
same pattern switch to Am on "day" in "someday", then switch to Em on "mind", 
then go to a D on "fine". repeat this same chord sequence the next time 
through, but at the end instead of going to a D go into an Ab on "on with my 

The next chorus has a different sequence than the others
I like to strum this part

G                                   D
 So take your records take your freedom

Em                            C
 Take your memories I dont need em'

Then it goes back into the normal picking pattern for the rest of the chorus. 
It continues this the rest of the way through.

I like this song and its fairly easy to play and sing.
If you have any questions E-mail me at cujodakillah at
                         Happy pluckin'
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great tab. I like the detail.
-kenchristner | 5/10/2005
Thanks man I appreciate it. If anyone would like the intro to the live version of this song please feel free to email me, I havent had time to type the tab up but I do know it and I will gladly send it to you
-cujodakillah | 5/10/2005
The Ab's are F's
-KU_isbestever | 5/12/2005
ur intro doesnt sound right....
-paramedic79ca | 5/31/2005
The intro im giving you isnt exact, its the one guitar intro i wrote out on my own...if you want the exact intro i can give it to you...but youll need a friend with an electric to help ya out. It requires 2 guitars (1 acoustic, 1 electric).
-cujodakillah | 6/2/2005
i finally pretty much got the tab down....i gotta admit...its sounds pretty much exact gotta be able to play it pretty fast to make it sounds good though:) ....great tab
-paramedic79ca | 6/4/2005
it would be great if u could email me the 2 guitar version leadusalong107@aol
-urban109 | 6/14/2005
the 2 guitar intro sounds great thanks
-tyler smith-
-urban109 | 6/16/2005
no problem man, anytime.
-cujodakillah | 6/16/2005
anyway we could get a sound byte for the verse? i can't hear it over keith singing and i'm not sure exactly how to play it
-scottmcquaig | 6/28/2005
ah, nm i don't have a membership able to view sound bytes anyways
-scottmcquaig | 6/28/2005
hey that tabs pretty awesome, u should put more of them up. tom
-lewsley | 9/5/2005
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