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Kenny Chesney - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (Chord)
Album: Lucky Old Sun (2008)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (7) on 8/10/08 7 comments
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Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 
Recorded by Kenny Chesney

(Capo on 2nd fret)

Intro. : D///  G///  A///  D///  x  2

(D)Preacher told me last (G)Sunday mornin'
(D)Son, you better start (A)livin' right
(D)You need to quit the (G)women and whiskey
And (A)carryin' on all over (D)night

(D)Don`t you wanna hear him (G)call your name
(D)When you're standin' at the (A)Pearly Gates
(D)I told the preacher, (G)"Yes I do"
But I (A)hope they don't call to-(D)day
(D)I ain't ready

(D)Everybody wants to (G)go to heaven
(D)Have a mansion high a-(A)bove the clouds
(D)Everybody wanna (G)go to heaven
But (A)nobody wanna go (D)now

Inst. : D//  G///  A///  D///

(D)Said the preacher maybe (G)you didn't see me
(D)Throw an extra twenty (A)in the plate
(D)There's one for everything I (G)did last night
(A)And one to get me through to-(D)day

(D)Here's a ten to (G)help you remember
(D)Next time you got the (A)good Lord's ear
(D)Say I'm comin' but there (G)ain't no hurry
I'm (A)havin' fun down (D)here
(D)Don't you know that

(D)Everybody wants to (G)go to heaven
(D)Get their wings and (A)fly around
(D)Everybody want to (G)go to heaven
But (A)nobody wanna go (D)now

(G)Someday (D)I want to see those (A)streets of gold in my halo
(G)But I wouldn't mind (D)waitin' at least a (Bm)hundred years or (A)so(B)

(E)Everybody wanna (A)go to heaven
(E)It beats the other place there (B)ain't no doubt
(E)Everybody wanna (A)go to heaven
But (B)nobody wanna go (E)now

(E)Everybody wanna (A)go to heaven
(E)Hallelujah, let me (B)hear you shout
(E)Everybody wanna (A)go to heaven
But (B)nobody wanna go (E)now
(B)Think I'd speak for the (E)crowd
(B)Nobody wanna go (A)now, (B) (E)yeah. ///  A///  B///  E

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Awesome Tabbage !!! Thanks samuch
-bellaandscrappy | 8/10/2008
oh b.t.w its and my halo , see the streets of gold and my halo
-bellaandscrappy | 8/18/2008
no, its in my halo. You wear a halo. You don't look at it.
-seanr | 8/23/2008
Arigatooo from Japan!!!
-Koichi Kondo | 8/23/2008
actually now that i listen to it , its get my halo , i wanna see those streets of gold, get my halo , i thinks its like 2 things . listen close i finally downloaded it and listened to it about 100 times
, halos i dont think will be reflective

-bellaandscrappy | 8/27/2008
Who cares guys, I will probably screw the words up at the first gig I play it, but won't mess up the chords thanks to this tab! Good Job Thanks!!
-LennyB | 8/29/2008
Kenny is pretty sexy :D
-coaxiebaby14 | 9/15/2008
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