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Kenny Chesney - Marina Del Rey (Chord)
Album: When the Sun Goes Down [LIMITED EDITION] (2004)
Submitter: WildCard76 (132) on 2/3/04 3 comments
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Kenny Chesney
Album: When The Sun Goes Down (if bought at Target)
Submitted by: Christopher R.
Feb. 4, 2004

Capo 1st Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro:  (D)  (D)  (D)  (D)  (G)  (A)  (G)  (A)  (G)  (A)  (D)  (G)  (D)  (G) 

(D) She said goodbye in (G) Marina del Rey
"I (A) had a good (A/Bb) time" was the (Bm) last thing (A) I heard her (G) say         
As I walked a(D)way (A)
(D) And on the plane (G) back to Tennessee
My (A) mind comes ac(A/Bb)ross her (Bm) memor(A)y
And (G) yesterday (A) in Marina del (D) Rey

       	 (G) On a hidden beach under a golden sun
 	 (D) She spread a (A/C#) blanket that we (Bm) laid down (Bm/A) on
 	 And loved the (G) world away
 	 In Marina del (D) Rey
 	 (G) And as we looked into each other's eyes
 	 (D) We found our (A/C#) bodies lost in (Bm) parad(Bm/A)ise
 	 Like (G) castaways (A) in Marina del (D) Rey

(D) Like the ocean tides, (G) highs and lows
(A) Love some(A/Bb)times (Bm) comes and (Bm/A) goes a(G)way
In Marina del (D) Rey (A)
(D) And as this plane is (G) touching down
(A) Tears touch my (A/Bb) eyes for I (Bm) have (Bm/A) found
My (G) heart has stayed (A) in Marina del (D) Rey

Repeat Chorus

Fade out...
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Could you please post the picking pattern when you get a chance?

-Browning | 2/12/2004
Very well done Christopher, I like this arrangement better then the way I was playing it per George Strait.
-zunl | 3/9/2005
I've been looking for this song for a long time...I chose not to play it because I was missing a couple chords (A/Bb & A/C#)...Thanks!! Very well done!!
-Smkn6strng | 4/18/2005
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