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Kentucky Headhunters - Dumas Walker (Chord)
Album: Best of the Kentucky Headhunters (1994)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 8/6/01 5 comments
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Intro:  G7
Chorus:           G
 	 Let's all go,   down to Dumas Walker
 	  	   C                   G
 	 Let's all go,   down to Dumas Walker
 	 We'll get a slaw, burger, fries and a bottle of skeet
 	 G (stop)                           G (C-C#-D)
 	 bring it on out to my baby and me

Verse1: G
 	 yeah we're headed to the drive-in on a Saturday night
 	 just me and my baby and a six-pack of Lite
 	 got a pocketful of money and I'm rarin' to go
 	 down to Dumas Walker right after the show
 	 D                                 C
 	 they'll be shootin marbles in the back of the store
 	     A                        D 
 	 and laying money down on the floor


 	 (solo - over one verse)

 	 he takes all his orders down one at a time
 	 don't need a pad he's got a photogenic mind
 	 he don't like the young folks hanging around
 	 he's here to let ya know we got a law in this town
 	 you oughta see him reelin' when he walks through the door
 	 the marble king is ready for more


 	 (solo - over one verse) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
What did the Kentucky Headhunters mean by "a bottle of skeet"? Maybe that's where Lil' John got skeet skeet! He was a Kentucky Headhunters fan! Just food for thought.
-texasmusicman77 | 12/28/2004
I think he ment "a bottle of Ski"
-joeallagree | 12/29/2004
Being a Kentucky boy myself i always heard Skee refering to whiskey... i'm not sure what kind drive in serves up straight bottles of skee but you never really know..
-mthelton | 1/9/2005
Actually, boys, "Ski" was a type of soft drink in the time the Kentucky Headhunters recorded this song. I've seen advertisement posters with the Headhunters holding the drink. Just an FYI.
-bcreger | 3/10/2005
yeah you can still find "ski" every once in a while here in kenutcky, its kinda like bad mountain dew. its alright tho.
-whtdude13 | 8/7/2008
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