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Kix Brooks - In The Right Place (Chord)
Album: New To This Town (2012)
Submitter: Koichi Kondo (194) on 3/30/13
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 2,037
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In The Right Place
Written by Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson & Ben Hayslip
Recorded by Kix Brooks

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G)(C)|(D) | x 2

(G) Hey pretty (C)girl just look at (D)you tonight
(G) A team a (C)horses couldn't (D)drag me away
(G) You ain't got (C)no business (D)bein' lonely baby
Yeah, (G)let me put a (C)smile on your face (D)

(G) I hope you don't (C)mind if I put a (D)little Otis Redding on
(G) And pour us a (C)glass of (D)wine
We'll (G)dance like drunken (C)fools 'cross my (D)livin' room baby
Yeah, (G)pull your body (C)close to mine (D)

If you're (G)needin' a (C)friend to (D)talk to, baby (C)
Lay it on (G)me, I've (C)got all night (D)
If you're (G)wantin' a (C)man who's (D)wantin' to hold ya (C)
Come on (G) give these (C)arms of mine (D) a try
And if you're (Em)lookin' for something a little (D)stronger
Oh baby, (Am)you ain't gotta look (Bm)no (C)longer
You're in the right (G) place (C)|(D)
Yeah, you're in the right (G) place (C)|(D)

(G) Oh (C)look at me, I (D)went and kissed you
(G) Too late to (C)turn back (D)now
You've (G)got that certain (C)something and I (D)just can't resist you
(G)Let me show you what (C)I'm all about (D)

Repeat Chorus to fade
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