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Kris Kristofferson - Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (90) on 4/12/05
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Out of Mind, Out of Sight--Kris Kristofferson
written by Kristofferson/Bruton
From the album "Live at the Philharmonic"
Corrections welcome.

(Key of D)

G                            D
Buddy tip your bottle back, climb aboard the bus
           D/A             A
Join your brothers in the band
   G                                   D
If you ain't bombed in Birmingham then you ain't one of us
          A     A7      D
We don't really give a damn

G                           D
London is a hundred miles away from where we're at
        D/A            A
And a thousand years behind
G                                 D
Splittin' from a sorry gig that left us feelin' flat
        A       A7      D
Outta sight and outta mind

G                                       D
Cruisin' through the countryside we'll never see again
         D/A             A
Ain't it lonesome out tonight
G                                D
We been on this road now since I can't remember when
      A         A7     D
Outta mind and outta sight


(change to key of A)

      E                              A
Well I've been everywhere and I seen everything there is
But I never saw the light
E                             A
Scared to death of dyin' so I do my best to live
      D               A
Outta mind and outta sight

E                               A
Knowin' no one nowhere's gonna miss us when we're gone
Let's keep drinkin' 'til we're blind
E                             A
Everybody's sleepin' and I'm stuck inside a zone
       D               A
Outta sight and outta line, outta line

E7                               A
Someday when it's over and it's time to settle down
And we've left it all behind
E                             A
We can sit and wonder how we ever got around
       D                A
Outta sight and out of mind
        D               A
Outta sight and outta mind


D 	 xx0232
D/A 	 x00232
A 	 x0222x
A7 	 x02020
G 	 320003
E 	 022100
E7 	 020100 
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