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Lee Brice - She Ain't Right (w/ Intro) (Chord)
Album: Love Like Crazy (2010)
Submitter: vukev (3) on 8/5/08 2 comments
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Artist-Lee Brice
Song-She Ain't Right

This song is actually in A.  I needed to CAPO 2 to include the little intro lick I figured
out.  Solos coming sometime soon.

***Capo 2***
  G                     Am                    C                     G


Verse 1:
G                                Am
She got her daddy's tongue and temper
Sometimes her mouth could use a filter
God shook his head the day he built her
Oh, but I bet he smiled.
G 	  	  	       Am
She loves and lives her life unruly
Tears up that dirt road up in a dualy
Dangerous, absolutely.
And in a little while...
 	  Em                      A  
She'll be roundin' that corner on three wheels
Ain't slowin down, yellin "Come on, jump in"
C 	  	         C
Always up to somethin, crazy got nothin' on her

         G               Am
She ain't right, she ain't right
         C       NC
She ain't right, but she's just right for me

Guitar Solo 1-Repeat Intro Chords

Verse 2:
G                             Am
She says she wants to meet my momma
I said, I don't think you oughta
Be like mixin' oil and water
But by midnight she had
Em                        A
momma on the coffee table dancin'

Comin' unwound
C                 C
Good God I swear, can't take her anywhere
What's the girl gonna do next

         G                Am
She ain't right, she ain't right
         C       C
She ain't right, but she's just right for me

Guitar Solo 2-G Am C

      Am                    Em
Every once in a while she'll give me that smile and say, 
G            D       C                        C
I just don't see somebody like you lovin' somebody like me

Chorus a few times out

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
hey to play the somg easier into the solo parts that are with a capo, play tha song with tha no capo chords G-A, Am-B, C-D, D-E, Em-Fm.. its easier for me that way, i just figured id give my input... and feel free to correct me if im wrong
-chevycowboy1988 | 5/19/2010
i love playing this song thanks for the tab dude
-georgiaboy307 | 9/14/2010
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