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Lee Greenwood - Fool's Gold (Chord)
Album: Greatest Hits (1990)
Submitter: WildCard76 (13) on 7/6/08
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Lee Greenwood
Album: Greatest Hits
Submitted by: Christopher R.
8:46 PM 7/6/2008

Intro: (Dsus) (D) (Dsus) (D) (Gsus) (G) x 2

If I (Dsus) only knew (D) then what (Dsus) I know (D) now 
You (Gsus) wouldn't be (G) sayin' good(D)bye 
But (Dsus) I let you (D) down, I was (Dsus) never ar(D)ound 
When you (Gsus) needed me (G) there by your (D) side 
(Gmaj7) I took a perfect (A/G) love & (F#m) gave you a perfect heart(Bm)ache 
(Gmaj7) I took a band of (A/G) gold & made a (Em7) 24-carat mis(A)take 
And turned it into... 

  (F#m) Fool's (Bm) gold, yes (F#m) I was a (Bm) fool 'cause (A) I let you (G) go (A) (G)
  (F#m) Fool's (Bm) gold, yes (F#m) I was a (Bm) fool 'cause (A) I didn't (G) know (A) (G) 
  (Bm) Too many times I (F#) just didn't try 
  (Bm) Now all I hear is you (E7) sayin' goodbye 
  (G) Starin' at an empty (A7sus) hand full of (Dsus) fool's (D) gold 

If I'd spent the time just holdin' you tight 
And sharin' my feelings with you 
Then you'd understand what's inside of this man 
And you'd know what I'm goin' through 
I know that I was wrong now that it's too late 
I took a band of gold & made a 24-carat mistake 
And turned it into... 

Repeat Chorus 
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