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Little Texas - Stop On A Dime (Chord)
Album: Big Time (1993)
Submitter: hbk_42445 (0) on 6/28/13
Month Views: 6 | Total Views: 1,229
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Stop On A Dime By Little Texas

Written by Dwayne O'Brien, Porter Howell, and Brady Seals

A                       G   D/F#
Start out easy, take it slow
A                                                G    D/F#
Once you get started you don't where love will go
E                                 F#m
But you think your ready for another time around
D                                    G 	    F#m    Em  D  E
Its nothing you can't handle and you think you've got it down---

       A       A/G         D         A         D/F#       G           A
So you fall in love and it picks you up and it takes your heart for a ride
               A/G             D           A               D/F#     G              A
Sfter too many bad roads, this heartbroken fool knows that love can mess with your mind
D/F#     G         A
Love can Stop On A Dime

Verse 2
A                                    G   D/F#
Next thing you know, you've gone too fast
A                                                G   D/F#
And you'd do anything just to try and make it last
E                                     F#m
But you keep on going even though you see the signs
D                      G     F#m Em   D    E  
Still believin that it won't go wrong this time----

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
A                      G    D/F#
Now its over, said and done
A                                                  G    D/F#
Just another love that you thought would be the one
E                                        F#m
You don't know where your going, but you don't like where you've been
D                    G   F#m   Em  D   E
Try to tell yourself you won't go back again---

(Repeat Chorus)

         G        A           G   D/F#    A       G     D/F#    A
Love Can Stop....              On A Dime---- 
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