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LoneStar - Class Reunion (that Used To Be Us) (Chord)
Album: Let's Be Us Again (2009)
Submitter: twizzle05 (7) on 2/5/05 4 comments
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Class Reunion (That Used to Be Us)

Intro: G/B C  G/B  (four times)

Well I rode into town with the ragtop down
      C                         G/B
I was lookin for that homecomin queen

That three-by-nine lit hotel sign read
C                          G/B
Welcome back class of eighty-three

There were football guys twice their size
Cheerleaders dyin the grey in their hair
The names were the same but the faces had changed
I didn't recognize anyone there


That used to be us, we used to be cool
         G                                  D
With the music cranked up hangin out after school
      G/B                  C
That used to be Jill, that used to be Joe
        G                             Bm
Tell me where in the world did we all go
      G/B           C   G/B                C G/B
That used to be us,     that used to be us

I had a drink with some buds played a lot of catch-up
Danced with my date from the prom
But as hard as I tried until I closed my eyes
Everybody I knew was gone

There was Mr. Finch he taught English and French
He was dancin with a couple of canes
And that homecomin queen yeah the girl of my dreams
She didn't even remember my name



Em                           G
As I stand here and look around
Em                                                  G
I can't help but wonder who we'll be ten years from now


G/B 	 x20033 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The chorus doesn't sound anything like the song...
-MacBaine | 3/21/2005
wats the correct chorus?
-cruzan_rum | 3/24/2005
Great tab....I got some stuff to add to the chorus, so I'll submit a revised edition....thanks for the tab though.
-speed2345 | 4/9/2005
No problem. And thank you for the corrections, man--I'll take help
where I can get it!
-twizzle05 | 4/9/2005
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