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LoneStar - Lonely Grill (easy) (Chord)
Album: Lonely Grill (1999)
Submitter: twizzle05 (0) on 4/24/05 2 comments
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Lonely Grill--Lonestar
written by Bob DiPiero and Tony Mullins
from the ablum "Lonely Grill"
tabbed 4/24/05

One of my favorite Lonestar tracks.   Thanks to theLeper for his dead-on tab, but this
one won't cramp your hand that much.   His chords, converted with a capo on IV.

Capo IV

INTRO: Bm A (2x)

Box speaker talkin' out a tune, 2 for 1 on the Blue Lagoon
Another lost and found
Bartender takes another pass, puts the salt on the rim of another glass
And he sets it down
E                            D
I know every color of every neon sign
E                               D
Flashin' out a heartache in the back of my mind

A                         E
Down at the Lonely Grill, got nothin' but time to kill
At the end of every day
A                  F#m             G           D/F#
I sit in a corner, do nothin' but think of you
        F              G
And the love we threw away
A                          E                    A
And I guess I always will down at the Lonely Grill

Sad eyed-waitress called Betty Lynn got her order pad and a ball-point pen
And said what'll it be
I said a tall glass of regret, a full order of loneliness
Like every night this week
E                           D
I shoulder my pride, and I drink it down
E                                  D
Another smoke-filled evenin' with no fire to be found

CHORUS (end on D)

Lonely grill
A                        F#m             G            D/F#
I sit in a corner booth, do nothin' but think of you
        F             G
And the love we threw away
A                          G                   A
And I guess I always will down at the Lonely Grill

Ad-lib out


A	x0222x
Bm	x24432
D	xx0232
D/F#	2x0232
E	022100
F#m	244322
G	320003 (or 320033)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
I really like what you have done with the hyperlinks. Sounds right with me.

-jimw | 5/2/2005
Actually, I didn't do that. A lot of the tabs are getting them, though. And thanks. Like I said, theLeper's chords, my penchant for slacking off!

-twizzle05 | 5/2/2005
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