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LoneStar - My Front Porch Lookin' In (Chord)
Album: From There to Here, Greatest Hits (2003)
Submitter: palamin0 (21) on 3/14/03 29 comments
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Artist: LoneStar
Title:  My front porch lookin' in
Album: Lonestar Greatest Hit's 2003
Chords by: palamin0 at

Lonestar - My front porch lookin' in

Capo to the 3rd fret

(Intro D - Em - G - A (G - C - G )

    D             A
The only ground I ever owned, 
    Em             G
Was sticking to my shoes,
      D           A
Now I look out my front porch, 
        Bm        G
At this panaramic view,
      D                 A
I can sit and watch the fields fill up, 
     Em             G
With rays of golden sun,
            D               A
I watch the moon lay on the fences,
     Bm                  G
Like that's where it was hung


My blessings are in front of me,
G                 D
It's not about to land,
I'll never beat the view,
From my front porch lookin' in


          D                   Em
There's a carrot top that can barely walk,
       G            A
With a sippy cup of milk,
          D                    Em
A little blue-eyed blonde with shoes on wrong,
          G                  A
cause she likes to dress herself,
         Bm        G    A               Bm
The most beautiful girl holdin' both of them,
        C    G   C   G   A
And the view I love the most,
Is my front porch lookin' in,

(Verse 2)

I traveled here & everywhere,
Following my job,
I've seen the paintings from the air,
Brushed by the hand of God,
The mountains and the canyons reach,
From sea to shining sea,
But I can't wait to get back home,
For the one he made for me,

(Bridge 2)

Cause everywhere I'll ever go
And everywhere I've been,
Nothing takes my breath away,
Like my front porch looking in,

(go to chorus - lead )

(3rd Bridge)

F                  G
I see what beautiful is about,
F                  G
When I'm looking in,
Not when I"m looking out.....

(Chorus - ad lib out)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This is their brand new tune soon to be released from the "Lonestar -
Greatest hits" cd:)
-palamin0 | 3/14/2003
this is a great song - great job on the tab
-johnnyray | 3/18/2003
-leah wyatt | 4/25/2003
This may be a dumb question but I'm a real beginner and need help.
When you say capo 3 I understand that. However, when you then say D A
Em, are these in the same finger configuration as if the capo were
the neck of the guitar, or are these truly the chords noted meaning a
capo3 G would look like an open E without capo. Thanks for the
patience and assistance. I am enjoying learning

-como4 | 6/7/2003
Yes the capo virtually becomes the end of the neck and you would play
the chords assigned in that location as stated..

-palamin0 | 6/8/2003
true ...but....If you are a guitarist and vocalist it's a lot easier
to know where you're at...So when I learn/ tab a song I learn it as
though I'm gonna be singing it and how I can make it easier on
myself...On a song like this not only are they jumping aroung on
chords but a lot of lyrics as well so that cheatbar (capo) makes it
easier on us who play and sing...:)

you all are great:)
-palamin0 | 6/16/2003
Great tab Palamino :) I have to play this live perfect to your tab.
-yinielin | 7/2/2003
Thanks:) I just recently seen the video and it looks as though it is
tabbed correctly...He even uses the :)

-palamin0 | 7/4/2003
Yep, sure does...awesome job.
-cmtboy | 7/5/2003
If anyone wants a version with capo on first
Pm me. To play the solo you must have capo on first.
-yinielin | 7/8/2003
It's tab'd just like Richie plays it
with the capo on the third.
Saw the video seen him live:)

but you're right the lead player capo's
on the 1st:)
-palamin0 | 7/8/2003

-yinielin | 7/11/2003
it is but he doesn't sing it that we hillbilly's
have our own way of saying
-palamin0 | 7/11/2003
Kick ass Job on this tab. Great song, and a great piece put together by you.
-chdclrk | 7/11/2003
thanx a bunch:)
-palamin0 | 7/11/2003
Saw the video last night, one guy capos 3 and the other guy capos 1, dont know which is which though
-gadzook | 7/13/2003
Richie capo's 3 and as yeinlin said the lead is capo'd at 1:)

-palamin0 | 7/13/2003
HEy that is so cool...

I'm sure your dad will enjoy it:)
-palamin0 | 7/24/2003
This is a great tab...I appreciate it.
-jfinley002 | 10/13/2003
Great tab except the (em). Add a G/B instead, but other than that.... great tab
-jacblac101 | 4/28/2004
Capo 3rd fret means you go to a guitar store and buy a capo, which is a small device that you then place over the strings on the 3rd fret. For every fret you go down the neck with a capo it raises the pitch 1/2 step. But then be sure to play as though the capo was the first fret, in other words move your cords down accordingly
-Magicguy95 | 7/17/2004
-palamin0 | 10/6/2004
great are amazing for this and mr mom keep it up

-jdumbers | 10/14/2004
when he repeats "the view i love the most" near the end of the song, is it still CGCGA? or does it go up or down a key?
-xmanpike | 10/28/2004
Instead of
pre> C G C G A
And the view I love the most /pre>

I play
pre> C Em G D A
And the view I love the most /pre>

Great job tabbin palamin0
-guitarplayer16 | 11/8/2004
Awsome job palamin0 !!!!
-Mauirce | 3/21/2005
This is aweseom, it sounds great! by the way, its "Panoramic view"(beggining) lol
-brandtfan | 4/14/2005
I have a question. Have you done any Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban or Dierks Bently tabs?
-guitarplayar | 11/15/2005
message me at
-guitarplayar | 11/15/2005
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