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LoneStar - You're Like Comin' Home (Chord)
Album: Coming Home (2005)
Submitter: Shantel (56) on 9/19/05 13 comments
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You're Like Comin' Home - Lonestar
Album: Coming Home
Writers: Brandon Kinney/Brian Dean Maher/Jeremy Stover


Intro goes like this:


Intro: A-Asus2-A-Asus4-A-Asus2 (3 times)

Ridin' restless under broken sky
Weary traveller, somethin' missin' inside
        Bm            D              A    A-Asus2-A-Asus4-A-Asus2
Always lookin' for a reason to turn around
Desperate for a little peace of mind
Just a little piece of what I left behind
        Bm            D                   A-Asus2-A-Asus4-A-Asus2
Well, I found it now, you're like coming home

You're like a Sunday mornin', pleasin' my eyes
You're a midsummer's dream under a star-soaked sky
      D                            A/C#                 E
That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road
                    A     D
You're like coming home 
                    A  A-Asus2-A-Asus4-A-Asus2 (x2)
You're like coming home............ all right

Go head an' let your hair fall down
This wanderlust it's gone now
     Bm                     D                   A-Asus2-A-Asus4-A-Asus2
I'm here in your arms, I'm safe from the road again
These are the days that can't be erased
Baby, there isn't a better place
            Bm       D                  A   
You're like Heaven, you're like coming home

You're like a Sunday mornin', pleasin' my eyes
You're a midsummer's dream under a star-soaked sky
      D                            A/C#                 E
That peaceful easy feelin' at the end of a long, long road
                    A     D
You're like coming home 

F#m          D                Bm
You're that innocence, that serenity
That long-lost part of me


A   =   x02220
Asus2=  x02200
Asus4=  x02230
A/C#=   x42220
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
D   =   xx0232
E   =   022100
F#m =   244222(bar chord) 

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Couple of things that don't sound right, but I'll still give you props 'cause I've been trying to figure this one out for a while and you did a good job.
-slubiz07 | 9/20/2005
sorry dude but it's absolutely correct....most of you do not hear the subtleties when others with train ears do and think something is wrong, great job Shantel
-palamin0 | 9/20/2005
I'm a music major and I train in that kinda stuff, I think I would know...learn to accept criticism...especially when it's constructive. I've played it over and over, jsut variations of different the D in the chorus and the bridge.
-slubiz07 | 9/20/2005
I'm with Slubiz; its probably 85% correct - but such a difficult song to figure out. I was dying to see a tab of Emerson Drive's version, but who would have guessed the key is C#....Thanks Shantel
-nickelcreed | 9/20/2005
Incredible! I tried so many times to get make the rest of us look bad, Shantel, but that's a good thing!

By the way...I play it with a capo on I, in C, in case anyone doesn't want to sing so high...
-twizzle05 | 9/21/2005
I made a soundbyte to Shantel's chart so if ya don't think it's right listen to the soundbyte cause she is dead on 100%. I changed nothing she did. It's not a hard song just your basic chord pattern...

-palamin0 | 9/24/2005
That does sound right on the sound byte now. My mistake. It also helps playing it in tune as I just found out...good job.
-slubiz07 | 9/26/2005
Could somebody please figure out the chords for this song without the capo. The other intro sounds better to be using the variations of D, so it'd be pretty sweet if I could play it using D instead of A. Thanks alot!
-Hank05 | 9/29/2005
I think what the problem with some people's comments is that they don't realize alot of the tabs on this site are capoed to keep from tuning down at all. I just saw Lonestar and michael Britt plays this song in D tuned down a half step. So Shantel is correct if you keep your tuning at standard tuning. Great job on all your tab's!
-xxxrokstar | 10/1/2005
Yeah if you want to play with D downtune the guitar half a step and transpose the chords in the chart to the key of D. I usually like to capo rather than change tuning cause it's kind of a pain.

To play in D play the chords on the right instead:

A ---------> D
Asus2---------> Dsus2
Asus4---------> Dsus4
A/C#---------> D/F#
Bm ---------> Em
D ---------> G
E ---------> A
F#m ---------> Bm
-Shantel | 10/1/2005
It may not be in the correct key or whatever, but playing with capo on 4 makes the chording easier, and it sounds fantastic anyways. Great job.
-freekstylin_12 | 11/8/2005
awesome job, thank u so much
-KnoxGodoy3 | 11/29/2005
twizzle tab it out in c capo one because i agree
-say-ra | 7/15/2008
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