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Lost Immigrants - Dixie Queen (Chord)
Album: Waiting on Judgement Day (2006)
Submitter: lmofle (381) on 7/30/11 1 comment
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Dixie Queen
By The Lost Immigrants
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

This band can be downloaded at - along with 400
other Texas Country artists...

A                        G                 D         A
Well, I still recall the way I felt in the fall of Ď92
A                 G                 D                       A
Big blue eyes and long blonde hair enough to pull me through
       A                 G                  D                          A
Itís a killer smile that drives me wild and girl, ainít that the truth
    A           G           D           A
And any day Iíd drop it all just to get you
        Bm           F#m
Back to me, my Dixie Queen
        Bm             F#m             G         A
At seventeen, well you donít know what you believe

Went off to college, landed in the Lone Star State
Had my fill of Southern Belles, but I knew they could wait
I longed and longed for your sweet love to join me any day
And once I heard the words ďI doĒ that blew my mind away
Back to me, my Dixie Queen
At twenty-three, tell me what you believe

Maybe Iíll write it in a letter or put it in a hit song
Share this with all the world so we can sing along
You know sometimes if it feels right God knows it canít be wrong
No matter how close you get, Ďfore you know it, sheíll be gone
Back to me, my Dixie Queen
Thirty-three, I think I finally see

I better call up Hollywood and tell them how this goes
ĎCause they ran out of good ideas about 15 years ago
Now ainít nobody seen a love like this since that play about Romeo
But I donít want no Juliet Ė I wanna woman who can roll
Back to me, my Dixie Queen
Sheís never been so sweet and clean

Back to me, my Dixie Queen
Sheís always been everything I need 
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Great song! Thanks for posting.
-wilbur_020 | 7/30/2011
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