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Lost Immigrants - Evangeline (Chord)
Album: Waiting on Judgement Day (2006)
Submitter: deereman82 (14) on 12/20/08
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 11,268
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Lost Immigrants - Evangeline

C                        F
Evangeline, don't take me for a fool
Am                     F
You know I'm savvy, I can play it cool
C                           F
Now it's about time that we cut to the chase
      Am                       F
Did I win your heart, or did I land in second place?
 C                         F
Guess what I'm saying is I need to know
         Am             F
Should I hang around or honey, should I go?
C                       F    
I've taken my position, I've made it crystal clear
    Am                    F
You know where I stand, I don't have any fear

G                     F                         C              G
Evangeline, don't you waste my time, I laid it all, all on the line
F              C                            Am              F             
Oh, I made the uphill climb, now it's up to you to come on through
 F          G(stop)          C
Evangeline, baby will you be mine?

Evangeline, I think you might have missed the part
Where I told you how it was right from the start
That I needed everything you had to give
And that I was walking dead until you showed me how to live
Guess what I'm saying is where do we go?
I'm ready to go fast, tired of moving slow
Can't you see how wrapped up in you I am?
With every glance you throw my way, I'm feeling more like a man


Evangeline, what, what do you say?
It'll be two years this coming May
Since we caught each other's eye
Now I think it's about time we said, do or die
Good Lord, woman, you'll be the end of me
Or maybe the beginning, I guess we'll have to wait and see
My mind is racing, spinning 'round and 'round
Better catch me quick before this all falls down

Chorus 2X 
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