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Lost Immigrants - Let's Drive (Chord)
Album: Waiting on Judgement Day (2006)
Submitter: lmofle (302) on 1/23/11
Month Views: 20 | Total Views: 6,672
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Let's Drive
By The Lost Immagrants
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

This CD can be downloaded at

Capo 3

G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9

G                       Cadd9
Thirty One with baggage and the odds are stacked
G                           Cadd9
A perfect time to get away, my bags are packed
             Em                   D
I just don't know where I'm going yet
             Em                        D
But I'm sure thing baby, so place your bet

Maybe I'll drive to Austin or east to Baton Rouge
Get lost out on the road with nothing left to lose
I just can't see what's up beyond
But you with me, well I can't go wrong

      D                   Cadd9 
Let's drive, and roll the dice
                 D                   Cadd9 
Take a chance on love, won't that be nice
         G                    Cadd9
Feel the wind blow our cares away
     D                        Cadd9      G  
Baby you and I could drive anywhere, any day

Now if we leave by sunset we can chase the moon till dawn 
Forget about all the ways our lives keep limping on
Do me this, your hand in mine
Just hold tight as we shift into overdrive


These roads will have a story when the ride finally ends
A story of forgiving and starting o're again
Nothing behind, I see you instead
Well, I don't want this to end so let's drive on ahead


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