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Luke Bryan - Good Directions (Chord)
Album: I'll Stay Me (2007)
Submitter: jamesstone_10 (2) on 1/22/06 5 comments
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Luke Bryan
Good Directions and Turnip Greens
Album: I'll Stay Me (Bonus Track)

Intro:  F   Am   Bb   C   F   

Verse 1:
    NC               F       
I was sittin' there, sellin' turnips on a flat-bed truck
Crunchin' on a pork rind when she pulled up
    Bb                       C                  Dm
She had to be thinkin' this is where rednecks come from.
She had HOLLYWOOD written on her license plate
She was lost and lookin' for the Interstate.
Bb                     C                     F
Needin' directions and I was the man for the job.

Chorus 1:
             Bb                     C
I told her, "Way up yonder past the caution lights
           Bb                         C
There's a little country store with an old COKE sign. 
         Bb                    C
You gotta stop in and ask "Miss" Beth
For some of her sweet tea.
         Bb                        Gm
Then a left will take you to the Interstate, 
      Bb                     C               F
But a right will bring you right back here to me."

Verse 2:
I was sitting there, thinking 'bout her pretty face,
Kicking myself for not catchin' her name.
    Bb                      C                Dm
I threw my hat and said, "You fool, there goes love."
I knew my old Ford couldn't run her down.
  She probably didn't like me anyhow.
     Bb                            C         F
So I watched her disappear into a cloud of dust.

Back to Chorus 1:

 	   Bb               C
Is this Georgia heat playin' tricks on me,
         Dm     C                    Bb
Or am I really seein' what I think I see.
     Bb           C                   Dm-C--Bb
The woman of my dreams comin' back to me-ee-eee.

Chorus 2:
        Bb                       C
She went way up yonder past the caution light
Bb                 C
Don't know why, but somethin' felt right.
         Bb                      C
When she stopped in and asked Miss Beth
For some of her sweet tea.
Momma gave her a big ole glass
            C                F
And sent her right back here to me.
      Bb             C                            F
Thank God for good directions and turnip greens.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
The F#/G - wouldn't you call that a G/C#?
Because you are playing the 4th string/4th
fret which is C#? Usually with the slash
chords you make the note after the slash
the bass note you want to play.

-lmofle | 11/16/2005
Man i've been waiting for someone to post a Luke Bryan tab! Thanks
-j_wise | 2/2/2006
Did Luke Bryan do this song? I know Billy Currington did.
-tpmadden | 3/10/2009
Luke Bryan wrote it. Billy made it famous though.
-justwannawkboar | 4/7/2009
That would be "Miss Belle"
-guntemar | 5/27/2010
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