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Luke Bryan - Suntan City (Chord)
Album: Spring Break: Here to Party (2013)
Submitter: bharris515 (0) on 2/29/12
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 3,216
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Luke Bryan – Suntan City

Capo 1

Intro: G | Cadd9 | G |Cadd9

Bout' that time of year again…

Verse 1:
          G                 Cadd9
It was bumper to bumper when I hit Bay County                           
      D                      Cadd9
So I stopped and let the top down
G                             Cadd9
Speakers were a bumpin' alittle hip hop something
       D                      Cadd9
I was stirring up a coke and crown
             G                         Cadd9
Didn't even check in the room, we went straight for the beach
D                            Cadd9
Didn't even give the ice a chance to melt
             G            Cadd9
Now I'm scouting my spot, where were gonna rock
D                             Cadd9
With the biggest buzz I ever felt

G                         Cadd9                D                  Cadd9
Now I'm sitting pretty in suntan city, got the best view in the world
G                    Cadd9                      D               Cadd9   
Spending my days catching these rays, watching coconut covered girls
G                               Cadd9                       D        Cadd9             
They keep strolling by and they keep rolling in, like the waves on the sand
G                          Cadd9                 D            Cadd9
Now I'm sitting pretty in suntan city, with a cold one in my hand

Verse 2:
Hey there cutie with the Kentucky koozie
Have you ever hung with a Georgia boy
Why don't you and your friends ease on over here
And chug a beer with Miss Illinois


Cadd9              G
I got a buddy who blew all his money
          D          Cadd9   
He had to stay his broke ass home
Cadd9                   G
He's been going crazy blowing up my phone
             D               Cadd9
Wanting to know what's going on

I tell him I'm….

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