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Luke Combs - Beautiful Crazy (Chord)
Submitter: travismcdonah (1) on 3/8/17 4 comments
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Capo 4
G  G/F  Em7  D (D is a C slid down two frets)
             G                              G/F
Her day starts with a coffee, ends with a wine 
           Em7                                       D                         C             D
Takes forever to get ready, so she's never on time for anything
       G                                  G/F    
She gets that come get me look in her eye
 Em7                            D                            C                   D
It kinda scares me the way that she drives me wild, She drives me wild

G             G/F
Beautiful crazy
                Em7         D 
She can't help but amaze me
       C                                  D
The way she dances, ain't afraid to take chances
G              G/F               Em7
Wears her heart on her sleeve
                   Am                   D
Yeah she's crazy, but her crazy is beautiful to me

She makes plans for the weekend
Can't wait to go out 
Till she changes her mind and says let's stay on the couch and watch tv
She falls asleep

           Am                                              C              Am                 C                D
She is unpredictable, unforgettable, it's unusual, unbelievable, how I'm such a fool for her

(Last line of last chorus)
                   Am                   D               Am                  D
Yeah she's crazy, she’s crazy, she’s crazy but her crazy is beautiful to me G G/F Em7 D                                    G G/F Em7 D G
                   Crazy is beautiful to me

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Luke plays a E7#9sus2 instead of what's marked as a D. A little fancier and accurate than the D but slide your hand up two frets from the C and hold the same position. ORDER: open low E, 5, 4, open, 3, open high E.
-zblewskiii | 5/4/2017
ohh that is something fantastic
-MegaBrownShip | 9/11/2017
Nice one)
-LassenLass | 9/18/2017
Not bad at all
-marknewby | 2/1/2018
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