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Mark Wills - I Do (cherish You) (Chord)
Album: Mark Wills - Greatest Hits (2002)
Submitter: Dustin20 (1) on 3/8/10
Month Views: 295 | Total Views: 42,767
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This is a fantastic song. I have found a few tabs on the internet but none really sound correct, 
so this is how I play it. It sounds better finger picked rather than strummed.

Capo on the 4th fret

Intro: D Em G A

       D            Em
 All I am, all I'll be,
         G                           A
 Everything in this world, all that i'll ever need
             D               Em
 Is in your eyes, shining at me, 
           G                         A                G
 When you smile I can feel, all my passion unfolding
                     A             G                  A
 Your hand brushes mine, and a thousand sensations seduce me cause I...

   D            A             G                         A 
 I do, cherish you, for the rest of my life you won't have to think twice,
    D               A                G                        A
 I will, love you still, from the depths of my soul, it's beyond my control,
             Bm          A           Em             G                  
 I've waited so long to say this to you, if your asking do I love you this   
  A        D
 much... I do.

        D            Em              G                               A
In my world, before you, I lived outside my emotions, didn't know where I  
                       D            Em             G                  A            G
 was going, till that day, I found you, how you opened my life to a new paradise 
                     A                 G   
in a world torn by change, still with all my heart untill my dying 

Repeat Chorus

I choose to play Em in the verses, but you can also play A instead. It's just a 
matter of personal preference. 

Hope this is a little closer than the other tabs I've found. 
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