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Michael Ray - Think A Little Less (Chord)
Submitter: CountryFan88 (18) on 2/8/17
Month Views: 1,971 | Total Views: 15,251
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Capo 2

Intro - Em, C, G (2x)

Verse 1
Em              C               G
Midnight’s Creeping in and we know better, Were leaving here together
   Em           C               G
In case your wondering, you never looked hotter, So why even bother
Em              C           G                   D
Looking at the reasons not to, maybe we ‘ought to

C                     G
Kiss a little more, think a little less
Em                      D
Burning up the night like a cigarette
          C             G
Get you out of this bar, out of that dress
Kiss a little more, kiss a little more, think a little less

Repeat Intro- Em, C, G (2x)

Verse 2
Em                      C                       G
When your friends start asking you can look ‘em in the eyes, Tell a white lie
        Em                  C               G
How I dropped you off at home and I walked you to the door, Nothing more
Em              C               G                       D
Tomorrow you can say were just friends, but baby ‘till then, We could


Instrumental - C, G, Em, D (2x)

     C                          D
Ima’ warm up the truck, if you wanna hop in
                Em                      G
You’ll need a minute or two, to say bye to your friends
    C                           D                                        
Ain’t gotta go home but we’ve gotta get gone
              Em     D/F#   G
Cause we’ve already waited way to long to 
C               G          Em          D
Kiss a little more, think a little less
C                               G                          Em           D
Do the only thing we’ve been thinking ‘bout doing since the moment, girl, we met

Chorus (2x)

Outro- Em, C, G (4x) 
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