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Micky & The Motorcars - Empty Hands (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (871) on 2/9/09
Month Views: 537 | Total Views: 4,877
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Empty Hands 
By Micky & The Motorcars                        
Written by: Micky Braun
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

D               Cadd9
You were always right
    D               Cadd9
And I just couldn't see
D                 G
Everything that I ever said
Cadd9              D   Cadd9  D  Cadd9
Came right back on me
D                    Cadd9
You tried to hold me close
D                 Cadd9
But I pushed you away
D                    G
Now all I hold is an empty hand
       Cadd9                                D    Cadd9  D
That's trying like hell to hang on to yesterday

            G            Cadd9      G             Cadd9 G     Cadd9  G  Cadd9
So now I am sittin' in a dark room, thinking bout loneliness
          G            Cadd9            G            Cadd9
Should be jumpin' on a freight train or leaving on a airplane 
G       Cadd9  Am    Am/G  Am/F  Am/G
Back to you, I guess 

  D                  Cadd9
I caught you at your mom's
      D                   Cadd9
But I didn't know what to say
D               G
Said it doesn't matter kid
    Cadd9                   D   Cadd9  D  Cadd9
You said it all to me yesterday
        G                      D    Cadd9  D  Cadd9
I don't wanna be a freebird no more
        G                                            D     Cadd9  
I wanna be the one that's walking through your front door
        G                  Cadd9         D   Cadd9  D  Cadd9
I wanna hold you close and never let you go
But you say you're sorry
          G                 D     Cadd9  D
You can't play this girl no more


And I'm not heading home
Girl I'm not coming back to you
    Casdd9                          D   Cadd9  D  Cadd9
I'm rolling out, just like I always do
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