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Mike Ethan Messick - Kings Of Juarez (Chord)
Submitter: grantwiscour (0) on 6/13/18
Month Views: 19 | Total Views: 274
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Kings of Juarez
Mike Ethan Messick/Aaron Holt
Bootlegger's Turn

Capo 1

G                       C               G                             
Yeah well Jimmy's got a six pack, and a twelve gauge
Shooting cans & bottles off the fence
          G                                            Em                    D 
Yesterday tomorrow seemed so hopeless...Today it seems like everything makes sense

                    C                   G 
He's staring at the bead right down the barrel, 
                  D                 G 
I'm looking for a pen to write this down
             C                   G 
Working on a plan that means escaping
                     Em                     D
What people call the white trash side of town... 

                 C                  G
Yeah we're gonna live like kings in Juarez
                 D                 G 
Live like little gringo millionaires
                  C               G 
It doesn't really matter what the score is
                Em                 D  
A dollar goes a long long way down there
                     C              G
I'm tired of feeling too big for my britches
                      D             G
Tired of feeling too small for my dreams
                   Em               C      
We're either gonna die like dogs in Texas
                   Em        D             G   
Or make it down to Juarez... and live like kings

G                     C                G
Well we could rob the farmer's bank in Hondo
Tell me brother how hard could it be
G              C                 G
Whoever put it that close to the highway
      Em                      D
Never counted on the likes of me
                       G            C   
They're probably never gonna see us comin'
                     G              D 
We'll probably never have to fire a shot
               C                G
Probably never more set foot in Texas
            Em                 D
Once we get across the parking lot... 

                    C               G 
We're gonna live in castles, by the water
                    D             G
Or hell at least in cabins by the bar
We're gonna kiss the desert's lovely daughters
               Em              D
Underneath the heavens' silver stars

                 C              G   
Ain't even gonna worry that the money
          D                      G
Might not last until we're both dead
                    Em               C
You know you really ain't no kind of outlaw
                  Em             D
Once you start to think that far ahead... 

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