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Mike McClure - Mustang (Chord)
Album: Camelot Falling (2005)
Submitter: treybarbee (0) on 5/8/05 6 comments
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Mike McClure Band
Chords, im not sure what the real chord name is, play it palm muted in the 
intro, and the first time through on the verses	
      G       D     E    C
      e---    e-    e-   e
      B---    B-    B-   B
      G---    G-7   G-9  G-5
      D-5-    D-7   D-9  D-5
      A-5-    A-5   A-7  A-3
      E-3-    E-    E-   E

intro-palm muted
G, D, E, C, x3   G, D, G

Verse-palm muted

G        D       E            C
we were sixteen riding in a mustang
G         D        E        C
somebody handed it back to me
G         D                E                C
I took a hit and then I stared out of a window    
G                D          G
I knew I'd never be the same

verse-no palm mute

G        D       E          C
we were flying, down a highway
G          D    E         C
I had the radio up full blast
G        D          E              C
threw a beer bottle up against a stop sign
G          D           G
we had to stop for gas


C             G
hey mama I'm out for the weekend
C                      G              D
these friends of mine ain't worth a damn
G                        D             C
they ain't never gonna make it in the real world
G                  D       C
keep praying mama maybe I am

Repeat intro

G                D
we'd drive the back roads
E            C
out by the ghost bridge
G            D              E       C
we'd always stop our car halfway across
G          D             E            C
someone'd tell a story 'bout a fatal car crash
G              D             G   PAUSE        
we'd turn the motor and the lights off

G            D               E        C
we'd always try to make it back home on time
G      D              E          C
never seemed to fail we never did
G        D                 E             C
we were young and we were howling at a full moon
G        D       G
bunch of no good punk ass kids

repeat chorus...

Well thats the way I hear it anyway,
and that is just the basic chords in 
the song..  Ill put a sound sample on
here too.  There is quite abite of lead
in it that I dont know, if anyone does 
I would love to have it.   Its a great
 song that will be on his new album. 

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Mac "Mike" is the man thanks for the tab I cant wait til his new album comes out... Yall also need to check out a kid by the name of Austin Allsup hes supposed to be something else... His dad is the Western Swing ledged Tommy Allsup, who produced a number of the Bob Wills Albums
-Drop_D_Blues | 5/9/2005
how do you like the new album? he gave it to me as well.. what do you think about it? my fav is #1
-lumpyokc | 5/12/2005
hey will somebody post a clip of this and which album are you speakin of??

-Drop_D_Blues | 5/24/2005
how do you know the chords this song is not even released yet... its on the memphis album
-lumpyokc | 6/3/2005
The neew album is called Camelot Falling, it's probably 10x better than Everything Upside Down. I saw mike and his crew play at the golden light cantina last night in amarillo, but he only played about 2 songs off the new album, but he still rocked
-oppie311 | 10/24/2005
Its a good album but I really don't think it is as good as Everything Upised Down. Its just not as rocking except for this song and Camelot Falling. Everything Upside Down was just so much more epic.

Either way, great job on this tab.
-pickerfromWACO | 1/3/2006
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