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Mike Ryan - Damn Good Goodbye (Chord)
Album: Blink You'll Miss It (2017)
Submitter: lukerscott (0) on 11/14/17
Month Views: 1,236 | Total Views: 13,463
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Capo 2

On the intro he hammers on the capo relevant F# with his thumb making a D/F# chord

Intro: D, Bm, A, D

D                             Bm        A       D
We met up at my place cut my folks were out of town
  G                                     D             A
It was our last night together we were gonna make it count
        D                          Bm         A      D 
We were headed off to Auburn, Teas Tech, and Kansas State
       G                                  D                A
Like a band of brothers breaking up with one more show to play

      G                                 D
So we drank a case of shiner and all my daddy's Makers Mark
              A                              G                 D         (A)
Pulled those speakers on the back porch sat around and smoked cigars
  G                                  D            A        G
Sang along and laughed till dawn and watched that red sun rise
            Bm  A    G    D
That was a damn good goodbye

       D 	  	  	  	    Bm        A       D
I was hurtin' that next morning but I had one thing left to do
    	   G 	  	  	      D              A
Cuz the only girl I ever loved was bound for Baton Rouge
   D 	  	  	  	        Bm       A      D
We said we'd make it work but we both knew that was a lie
  G      	  	                     D           A
High school love ain't strong enough for a seven hour drive

       G     	                                  D   
So we parked out by the football field where we knew we'd be alone
   A   	  	  	               G  	  	    D         (A)
Leaned them bucket seats way back and made love all night long
 G 	  	  	  	  	 D            A        G
Jumped the fence sat in the stands and watched that red sun rise
            Bm  A    G    D
That was a damn good goodbye

 D                          Bm       A      D
They ain't ever easy and sometimes they go bad
     G  	  	  	  	         D               A
Oh but sometimes they turn into the best times you ever had
 D   	  	  	  	  	   Bm      A         G
Nothing makes a memory that you'll take with you all your life
         Bm   A    G   D
Like  a damn good goodbye

D, Bm, A, D
Bm, G, A
D, Bm, A, D
Bm, G, A, D 
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