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Mike Ryan - When I Drink Beer (Chord)
Album: Bad Reputation (2014)
Submitter: lukerscott (0) on 10/3/14
Month Views: 1,022 | Total Views: 22,519
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Mike Ryan- When I Drink Beer
Standard Tuning, No Capo
Tabbed by: Luke Scott

When I (E)drink beer I know what (B)happens
Iíve seen it (C#m)happen a hundred times (A)before
I tell (E)myself Iíll just have a (B)couple
And Iíll have a (A)couple(B) and a couple (E)more

By that (E)5th one Iím holding (B)my phone 
Looking through(C#m) pictures of me and (A)you
Then I (E)sit there and stare at your (B)number
Thinking a (A)shouldnít(B) but I always (E)do

(B)Oohh(E)hhh (A)you donít always answer
(B)Ohhh itís (E)better if you (A)donít 
Cuz (B)oohh(E)hh (A)I can just keep drinking
(F#m)Crawl in a cab and head back (B)home

When you (E)answer it gets (B)messed up
Cuz you get (C#m)dressed up and meet me (A)here
I know its (E)only cuz your (B)lonely 
But that donít(A) matter (B)when I drink (E)beer

Solo: (E, B, C#m, A)

(B)Ooh(E)hhh (A)Layiní there beside you
(B)Ohhh I (E)know itís gonna (A)hurt
Cuz (B)oohh(E)hh (A)there ainít nothing better
(F#m)Than holding you but there ainít nothing (B)worse

When I (E)wake up and that bed is (B)empty 
That pain will (C#m)hit me cuz you ainít (A)there
I still (E)want you but I canít (B)have you
And If I canít (A)have you (B)I just want a (E)beer

Right now Iím(E) thirsty for a (B)cold one
As much as I (C#m)want one Iím steering (A)clear
Cuz Iím still (E)hurting from the (B)last time
And itís been a (A)long time(B) since I drank (E)beer

So Iíll take (E)water or maybe coke a (B)cola 
Cuz I know what (A)happens(B) when I drink (E)beer

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