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Mindy McCready - Scream (Chord)
Album: Mindy McCready (2002)
Submitter: Deleted Member (0) on 7/27/01
Month Views: 2 | Total Views: 2,118
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Capo 1st Fret / Key of F#

Intro:  F  C  Dm  Bb      F  C  Dm  Bb
                   Oh, whoa

F            C             Dm             Bb     F
So tired of walkin' 'round draggin' this ghost
                  C                 Dm          Bb     F
Can't escape the constant ache that wears on my woes
                    C                Dm            Bb    Gm
It's too strong to rub it out, it's stuck like a stain
               Dm   Bb               C     F
A permanent reminder driving me insane
               C              Dm         Bb     F
I still see finality in that look on my face
                 C               Dm       Bb     F
Still hide this bitterness I can almost taste
                   C                  Dm      Bb    Gm
All the things I should've said still echo inside
                 Dm    Bb                     C
Can't listen any longer, it won't change good-bye


              F  C  Dm  Bb
I scream your name
       F   C         Dm     Bb
To the rain fallin' down on me
                F     C    Dm
And I break the silence inside me
 Bb         F          C           Dm
Since you left me with nothing to say
       Bb         F    C  Dm  Bb -(only on 1st chorus)
So I scream your name

F         C                   Dm    Bb    F
Anger so buried deep eats you up inside
               C                 Dm          Bb     F
Spreads like a parasite, there's no where to hide
         C                 Dm           Bb      Gm
I wanna let it go 'fore it smothers my soul
           Dm         Bb               C
Uncover my heart again, fillin' the hole

--Repeat Chorus

 Bb     F    C   Dm   Bb
To the rain


Dm             C                 F            Bb      Gm
   I fall down to my knees, my face hits the ground
                      Dm          Bb               C
   I throw my tears into the storm as the thunder sounds

--Repeat Chorus

   Bb          F     C    Dm
I scream your name (name)
 Bb      F    C   Dm
To the rain
    Bb         F    C   Dm   Bb
I scream your name 
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